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Aeotec Nano Switch Z-Wave Plus with consumption measurement



The on / off micromodule or on / off Aeotec Nano Switch makes it possible to control your electrical outlets or wall switches remotely using a Z-Wave controller

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Technology Z-Wave Plus

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Check any switch. Control any plug. From everywhere. Without strings.
Power outlets and light switches are amazing inventions. They literally changed the world. But if you are not standing next to them or you can not reach them, they are limited.

Not now. The future is smarter. So it's your house. The Nano Switch provides complete wireless control of your switches and plugs.

Total control.
The Nano switch offers total control, easily. Extremely small, each Nano Switch is installed invisibly behind one of the existing switches or exits in your home. Simply unscrew the front panel, install the Nano Switch behind it and now have a full wireless control. Your old switches are instantly modern and connected.

Aeotec Nano Switch

The Nano Switch is part of the range of dimmers and Dimmer Aeotec Z-Wave and is compatible with switches and receptacles.

Turn off your electronic device in case of emergency or danger. The Nano switch allows you to automatically turn off appliances, such as air conditioners and leaking refrigerators, when they malfunction.

Light switches
Make your lighting smart and automatic by adding a motion detector, or turn off all lights automatically when you leave your home.

Full capacity
Once installed behind a switch or plug, the Nano Switch offers unrivaled wireless control through Z-Wave Plus. It allows you to control, automate and control your lights and points of sale. From everywhere. At all times. And it does everything with improvements: with the Nano Switch, its plugs and switches should not be replaced and will continue to offer the same manual control to which you are accustomed.

Aeotec Nano Switch

Total house.
The Nano Switch is a tool. Installed in minutes, it allows you to control, monitor, automate and program the electronics in your home. There will be the electronics that you use every day; Its lights, appliances and entertainment systems. But there will also be electronics that will become part of your smart home as it grows; Protection and security devices, internal and external electronics. If there is a reason to automate, monitor or reactivate it, the Nano Switch is the invisible, controllable and sensitive key.

What he does not do
The Nano Switch is incredibly powerful and has been designed to control a large amount of energy. To be so small and control so much, it can not offer all the possible characteristics. Fully compatible with standard indoor and outdoor light bulbs, there are two main things that the Nano Switch can not do: vary the lights and operate without wires from a neutral position. But perfect lighting is always possible with the Nano Dimmer from Aeotec.

Works with any socket or switch.
But what it does is work with any plug or switch in your house. The Nano Switch does not change the interior of your home by changing its switches, it changes the way your home feels by making it smarter. The Nano switch works with its existing switches and plugs, can be controlled and programmed by a Z-Wave home automation or control box and can be controlled by other Z-Wave devices, including WallMote and WallSwipe.

Aeotec Nano Switch

Perfectly small.
The Nano Switch is installed behind the switches or points of sale of your home. To do this, the Nano Switch must be small. Really small He is.

60% smaller than the first Micro Smart Switch qu'Aeotec launched, and measuring only 19.5 mm deep, the Nano switch is designed to be easily installed in smaller junction boxes behind a switch or socket.

Perfectly improved.
Aeotec Nano Switch Powerful control.
Designed to powerfully control outputs, switches and lights without attenuation. The Nano Switch can control up to 15 amps of power.

Aeotec Nano Small Switch securely.
Designed to fit a wall switch without compromising safety, the Nano Switch measuring a fine size of 4.2 cm x 4 cm x 2.5 cm.

Aeotec Nano Switch Control your expenses.
It allows automation and programming, and also controls the energy consumption. Changing the Nano comes in an impregnated edition measuring technology of the super energy Aeotec accurate that records the use of electricity with an accuracy of 99%.

Nano Switch is part of the Aeotec Gen5 range and is designed with the latest version of Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus. From a lower power consumption up to 250% faster in response time, the Nano Switch has benefits you will never see, just feel them.

Aeotec Nano Switch Signal stronger.
Without using more power, the Nano Switch offers greater wireless reliability than before. Its wireless signal is now + 2.5dBM more powerful, so the Nano Switch can offer a wireless range of 50% higher, up to 150 meters.

Aeotec Nano Switch wireless updates.
The technology changes and the Nano Switch changes with it. Unlike previous models, the Nano Switch allows you to install firmware updates wirelessly through Z-Wave Plus, so you stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Aeotec Nano Switch Secure wiring.
Due to the high amps that pass through it and to avoid problems such as lost voltage, the Nano Switch only works with switches and outlets that use a neutral wire. The Nano Dimmer is an alternative that works with or without a neutral cable.

Aeotec Nano Switch Cabling easier.
It is faster to install and is also easier to wire. Now 60% smaller than the previous micromodules, the Nano Switch adapts to even narrower spaces. It also connects to cables 25% larger than previous models.

Safe control Aeotec Nano Switch.
With the power of Gen5, the Nano Switch offers AES-128-bit banking grade encryption to protect the wireless communication your connected home depends on and works.

Aeotec Nano Switch Complete programming.
The power of the Z-Wave means that the Nano Switch can be automated intelligently. But it is also possible to turn a timer on and off independently, even when your Z-Wave controller has connection problems.

Aeotec Nano Switch compatible with DIN rail.
Do you want to use it with a DIN rail? Place the Nano Switch in a generic DIN box or in a module housing for compatibility and use it as a DIN rail.

Aeotec Nano Switch Low voltage too.
The Nano Switch is ideal with high voltage and low voltage. It can be used to control 24 VDC electronic devices, such as light strips, alarms, bells and other low-consumption devices.

Attention, this module requires the neutral to work.


Lighting control / device remotely
Installs behind an existing switch
ON / OFF function
Free relay of potential
Integrates the Z-Wave 500 series chip.
Communication 250% faster compared to standard Z-Wave devices
Automatic detection of the type of switch.
Protected against overloads and surges.
Compatible with all Z-Wave and Z-Wave + controllers
Measurement of the instantaneous and cumulative consumption function.
2 configurable inputs for switches
Connector for touch panel switch (coming soon)
Use with toggle or impulse switch
Small, discreet and aesthetic.
Ease of use and installation.


Module type: Z-Wave receiver
Power supply: 230VAC, 50 / 60Hz
Standby power consumption: 0.8W
Wiring: 3 wires
Max load: 10A
Accuracy of the energy measurement: ± 3W.
Status indicator: LED
Frequency: 868.42 Mhz
Transmission distance: 150m in free field.
Dimensions: 42mm x 39.5mm x 20mm
Operating temperature: 0-40 ° C
Operating humidity: 8-80%
Certifications: FCC, UL, CE, ROHS


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Aeotec Nano Switch Z-Wave Plus with consumption measurement

Aeotec Nano Switch Z-Wave Plus with consumption measurement

The on / off micromodule or on / off Aeotec Nano Switch makes it possible to control your electrical outlets or wall switches remotely using a Z-Wave controller

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