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  • 38,49 €

    This external sensor is an optional accessorie for Heat-it thermostats.

    38,49 €
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  • 326,70 €

    Module for installation on DIN rail, Z-Wave + technology for the control of hydraulic heating up to 10 outputs. Heatit Z-Water is a DIN rail mounted controller for controlling hydronic heating.

    326,70 €
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  • 99,22 €

    Heatit Z-Temp2 is a battery powered, surface mounted (non-flush) temperature thermostat designed for use with hot water based heating systems. It does not have a maneuvering relay.

    99,22 €
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  • 151,25 €

    Heatit Z-TRM3 is an electronic Z-Wave wireless technology thermostat for electric underfloor heating, designed to be mounted in a standard wallbox.

    151,25 €
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  • 152,46 €

    The Heatit Z-Relay multifunction relay module with Z-Wave technology can be used for many different applications where we have to control a high load of up to 25A.

    152,46 €
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  • 59,29 €

    The Heatit ZM Single Relay module is a high power / high load relay for recessed, recessed or concealed installations.

    59,29 €
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  • 158,51 €

    The Heatit Z-Smoke is a multifunctional wireless smoke sensor for smart home systems. Battery version.

    158,51 €
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  • 110,00 €

    The Heatit Z-Smoke is a multifunctional wireless smoke detector for Z-Wave based smart home systems. Version powered by AC mains (230VAC). It also offers smoke detection, a presence sensor, a temperature sensor and emergency lighting. We can say that it is a 3-in-1 sensor.

    110,00 €
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  • 280,72 €

    Heatit Z-DIN 616 is a 6 x 16A potential-free (DRY CONTACT) relay module for DIN rail mounting.

    280,72 €
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  • 121,00 €

    Heatit Z-Dim is a rotary Z-Wave dimmer that can control many types of light sources.

    121,00 €
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  • 52,03 €

    Z-Wave wireless technology switch / pushbutton for flush mounting in wall / mechanism box. It can be configured as a single, double or triple button. For indoor use.

    52,03 €
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  • 66,55 €

    Heatit Z-Dim2 is a Z-Wave rotary dimmer that can control many types of light sources.

    66,55 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items