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How to buy

Buying in DOMOTICALIA is very simple! Click, on the top right, on 'Log in' and fill in the "Create Account" form with your data. Once you have created your user account you will have done something very special. You will receive several emails and from this moment you will be able to access your User Panel, and you will be able to make your first order. We encourage you!

Once you have seen what you were looking for on our website, add it to the cart. You can keep looking for more things. Repeat the process and add as many things as you need for your technological project to the cart. Do not worry about placing things, it's virtual, we'll take care of the rest!

When you click on the order you will see that you have to choose a shipping address, in case you have several, as well as a billing address, which may be the same. Also choose the shipping method and how you will pay for the order, choose the one you like the most: it's that easy.

You will also see a summary of your order, check it out if there is any wrong information or you want to add something. If you click on Confirm purchase, you will receive an email with all the information. When the order leaves DOMOTICALIA you will receive another email and, as the case may be, an SMS, so you can follow up at all times. Now, we're done!