List of products by manufacturer Teltonika

We have been creating the internet of things (IoT) for over 20 years now and we want our products and solutions to be used globally and to become indispensible in any business.

Our team of professionals is the key to our success. This is why our efforts to help our employees are our primary priority: we want to meet our employees’ expectations, take into account their wishes, provide them with opportunities, and ensure a friendly working environment, understanding, peer help, learning opportunities, ongoing improvement and personal well-being.

We must help our employees to achieve that, by 2020, the minimum salary of every employee of TELTONIKA in Lithuania is at least EUR 3,000 and the average salary of employees is EUR 5,000. We will achieve this by creating an increasing value through ongoing improvement, learning, development of skills, experience and competencies, career opportunities, and achievement of the company’s goals and employees’ personal goals.

We are eager to understand and cherish every customer, which we can and must help to create the maximum value possible and to avail of all the opportunities offered by the internet of things (IoT) in the customer’s business.

And, what is most important: we want to work together and be able to promote and share good things with people who need our help most.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items