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  • 88,40 €

    Two-channel Z-Wave actuator for boiler type relay switch from manufacturer Secure

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  • 149,00 €

    Wireless wall thermostat kit with LCD display plus actuator. The kit consists of the SRT321 Thermostat + Actuator SSR303 both of Z-Wave technology. The SECURE SRT322 kit is a system for controlling radiator heating in general, even very suitable for underfloor heating by hot water. With gas boilers, gas-oil, etc.

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  • 93,17 €

    The thermostat for wireless thermostatic valve for radiator FIBARO is an intelligent thermostatic head Z-Wave + that controls the temperature of the room by regulating the flow of hot water through the thermostatic or thermostatic valve.

    93,17 €
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  • 6,99 €

    It is an external sensor wired to the MCO Home thermostat to probe the temperature directly on the ground and based on the temperature obtained maneuver accordingly for precautionary purposes.

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  • 119,00 €

    Digital thermostat with LCD touch screen. From Z-Wave Plus 4.3 "wireless technology to control it centrally using a Z-Wave home automation controller

    119,00 €
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  • 249,90 €

    The Danfoss HC (hydronic controller) floor heating controller is part of the Z-Wave wireless ecosystem for the control of household heating systems. 5 output model.

    249,90 €
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  • 149,99 €

    BLACK EDITION OF MCOHome thermostat for fan-coil (fan-coils) controlled by Z-Wave for indoor temperature control. Is Mainly applied for 4-pipe fan coil systems. You can read the room temperature and the local time, and they automatically control the fan speed according to the temperature difference. The device is of high reliability and practicability

    149,99 €
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  • 139,98 €

    The MH3901-Z is a smart Z-Wave technology boiler thermostat.

    139,98 €
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  • 58,99 €

    Aeotec's thermostatic radiator head with Z-Wave + wireless technology heats your room to the right temperature when you need it.

    58,99 €
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  • 169,99 €

    The Heltun thermostat is a programmable room thermostat with an LCD display, four capacitive touch buttons, and two temperature sensors. White color

    169,99 €
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  • 156,39 € 169,99 € -8%

    The Heltun thermostat for Fan Coil or fan coil units is a programmable Z-Wave electronic room thermostat for heat / cold. It is designed for recessed mounting in most standard wall boxes. White color

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  • 22,99 €

    The temperature sensor of the FIBARO radiator thermostat (FGBRS-001) is a wireless temperature sensor that can be used with the FIBARO radiator thermostat.

    22,99 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items