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Miembro de Z-Wave Alliance

Domoticalia, as an end-to-end IoT solution integrator, is an active member of the Z-Wave Alliance to offer the best experience in the market of building and home automation offering Z-Wave solutions and advanced services in smart Z-certified products -Wave and its connected mobile applications.

Z-Wave technology, with more than 2100 certified products and with the support of more than 600 companies worldwide, endorsed by the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of leading companies in the technology space for smarthome dedicated to hegemonize Z-Wave as the standard for wireless domotic control products.

As a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, domoticalia also announces its plans to enable Z-Wave connectivity between different gateways, commercial buildings and industrial automation, which easily connect from 20 to more than 200 sensors to IoT-enabled devices through Z-Wave using a single Android or iOS mobile application. With the enabling of Z-Wave, an improved interoperability is obtained that benefits installers looking to integrate different IoT ecosystems


Instalador Certificado Z-Wave

Domoticalia is an installer and official integrator of Z-Wave technologies as a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, having successfully completed the Certified Installer program.


The Training of Certified Installers in Z-Wave offers installers the tools and best practices to successfully undertake installations based on Z-Wave technology. The installers are trained in Z-Wave architectures, as well as in advanced knowledge of node aggregation, mesh network configuration and router optimization jobs. The advanced sessions delve into the construction materials, the attenuation of the signal and other specific problems of the installer. Our continuous support to our collaborators and installers guarantees that they are well prepared to design and implement Z-Wave networks in smart homes in real and practical environments.


Customers are offered peace of mind thanks to the Certified Installer program. He assures that they are dealing with a professional company, with a deep knowledge of the architecture of systems based on Z-Wave technology.

For Domoticalia, being members of the Z-Wave Alliance, guarantees strong ties with the global technology community and exclusive access to the freshest information and new products. Certification is also an important step in his vision to become one of Europe's most trusted players for security systems and smart homes.

Instaladores eedomus España

eedomus, manufactured by the French firm Connected Object is a very powerful, versatile and easy to install IoT home automation system to make your home more intelligent and enjoy a good smarthome experience. 

Instalador Nest Pro España Nest products will be up and running quickly when you sign up for Nest Pro Services. You'll also have peace of mind knowing they've been installed correctly. Configuring Nest products can be quick and easy with the jobs our Nest Pro technicians develop. We can put you in touch with installers who have been officially trained to install Nest devices.
Certificados POPP As an Authorized Popp Dealer, we offer our customers and installers some Z-Wave solutions exclusive to their category. As Popp partners, we are well aware of the trends in Z-Wave network problems, technologies and products. Thanks to a flexible infrastructure -based on customer purchase preferences and partner business models-, we help develop a differentiated and effective activity in the IoT market.
Instalador Oficial Doorbird

Being part of the DoorBird partner program allows us to offer the best product support to end customers, systems integrators, resellers and installers. As members of the DoorBird partner program, we received the best and latest training on the product and direct access to the technical and engineering area of DoorBird.

Instalador Oficial Fibaro We are partners and installers of FIBARO smart devices since 2013. FIBARO Z-Wave devices provide a comprehensive environment for home automation and integration of other IoT ecosystems and connected objects that adapt to the needs of the whole family.