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  • 12,25 €

    Adapter to be able to easily install the thermostatic head Danfoss or Popp in thermostatic valves of the manufacturer of thermostatic or thermostatic valves ARCO

    12,25 €
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  • 3,59 €

    Temperature sensor adaptable to the Universal Binary sensor, Dallas

    3,59 €
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  • 253,18 €

    Mini tablet wall base support. The mini size serves as a stand and charger for iPad mini 1, 2 or 3 and also for iPhone 5 and 5s

    253,18 €
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  • 9,30 €

    Adapter cable USB A male to Micro USB B male angled upwards for placement of tablets on the wall, black

    9,30 €
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  • 8,00 €

    Waterproof box for external plug. Protects from moisture / water. Protection box for plugs and connections in garden IP44 orange

    8,00 €
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  • 27,90 €

    This DIN rail format power supply is ideal for powering any device that requires a 24V DC power supply.

    27,90 €
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  • 14,39 €

    Tablet support kit for wall. Valid to install tablets on the wall between 7 "and 17.8" (30.5 cm). R esistant and flexible wall bracket to install a tablet securely to the wall thanks to our robust wall mounting kit

    14,39 €
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  • 124,00 €

    Turn on and off your boiler with a simple GSM / SMS. Turn on the heating with the mobile is very easy. Heating control by mobile also allows to control similar slave devices through its radio unit for slave remote plugs. Up to 3,500 watts of power. It is the plug that allows you to control devices with a simple SMS. Boiler control with the mobile is easy ...

    124,00 €
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  • 118,15 € 139,00 € -15%

    This GSM panic button and geolocalizer for the elderly , children and other people at risk , is an emergency button for people in danger situation based on the mobile phone network to transmit the emergency for the elderly, Alzheimer's patients or threatened persons, being also a GPS geolocator, sending an SMS to view the location on the map of any...

    118,15 € 139,00 € -15%
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  • 36,00 €

    Power supply DIN rail 12 V DC 2A - 30W for standard installation on DIN rail

    36,00 €
  • 197,99 € 219,99 € -10%

    Wireless HDMI to transmit HDMI image output wirelessly and receive it in the projection device, such as a television, a projector or a monitor. With this wireless HDMI , watching movies on the street or the terrace in high quality, will no longer be a problem.

    197,99 € 219,99 € -10%
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  • 259,99 €

    Wireless hdmi extender solution in kit for professional wireless HDTV to enjoy picture and sound with HDTV quality without cables up to 100 meters (line of sight)

    259,99 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items