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  • 63,50 €

    Detector of opening for installation embedded or emutida in door, offering improvements before the sabotage, with detection of opening or closing of doors, windows or furniture of instantaneous form

    63,50 €
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  • 109,00 €

    Smart switch Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Z-Wave Plus (GEN5) by AEON LABS for large loads and high power (heavy duty)

    109,00 €
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  • 69,80 €

    69,80 €
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  • 29,00 € 59,00 €

    Aeotec / Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus 4-button controller, which allows you to control scenes and modules from 100 meters away. This Z-Wave Plus remote control offers a small size in the form of a key ring. It is necessary to have a Z-Wave Control Unit to work if we want to operate domotic scenes.

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  • 44,95 €

    The Aeotec Range Extender 6 (GEN5 / by Aeon Labs) is an amplifier-repeater of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus signal range via radio up to 150 meters. It is essential when we want to increase the Z-Wave signal.

    44,95 €
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  • 69,00 €

    MultiSensor 6 from AEOTEC is a multifunction sensor with Z-Wave Plus technology that offers 6 functions in a single and compact device.

    69,00 €
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  • 19,99 €

    This recessed frame-support allows the multisensor 6 to be installed embedded in a ceiling or wall that are hollow, converting the Aeotec Multisensor 6 into a Z-Wave ceiling recess sensor.

    19,99 €
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  • 54,99 €

    Z-Wave Plus sensor for door or window with elegant design, discreet and paintable.

    54,99 €
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  • 59,90 €

    1-button remote control with Z-Wave plus technology from the manufacturer Aeon-Labs. Small in size but great potential.

    59,90 €
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  • 179,99 €

    The Aeotec Z-Wave Plus LED strip allows you to decorate and fill the rooms with the best light. Paint your stay with colors thanks to its unlimited color possibilities

    179,99 €
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  • 64,00 €

    Remote control Mnimote de Aeotec. The use of a remote control is a very easy way to control Z-Wave networks. Designed for use in Z-Wave, or act as universal remote controls, so that other equipment such as audio or video players and receivers can be controlled through infrared using other devices controlled by the domotica.

    64,00 €
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  • 64,99 €

    This micromodule light regulator will allow to control a lamp or ceiling light remotely through the Z-Wave protocol while maintaining its existing switch.

    64,99 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items