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    Two-channel Z-Wave actuator for boiler type relay switch from manufacturer Secure

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    Z-Wave motor to domotize and allow us to open and close ball-type valves of 1/4 turn, which allows to cut the passage of water or gas in case of contingency. It allows to continue maintaining a manual control of the ball valve. It is necessary to have a Z-Wave controller to work properly.

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  • 449,00 €

    Valve for cutting water very useful in technical alarm systems by flooding water in any Z-Wave home automation system. The Z-Wave valve can be operated locally, through control push buttons and wirelessly through the Z-Wave wireless home automation control system. It can also be very useful as irrigation control in meadows, gardens, orchards, etc.

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    Three-button Z-Wave remote control used to arm / disarm your alarm system, you can also execute a quick and easy home automation scene. It has a panic button to which you can configure the activation time

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  • 59,85 €

    Micromodule 1 relay On / Off, Qubino Flush 1D is used to turn on / off, with Z-Wave Plus technology. The output contact is voltage free (D = Dry; dry contact), so we are talking about a dry contact relay

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  • 3,92 €

    This RFID tag is used in combination with the keyboard with Zipato RFID reader.

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  • 122,00 €

    Popp Flow Stop Motor for closure of anti-flood or anti-leakage gas supply valve from the manufacturer Popp

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items