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  • 39,90 €

    The UZB home automation controller of Z-Wave wireless technology of mini size for USB connection, suitable to start in home automation. It has Z-Wave Plus certification.

    39,90 €
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  • 54,99 €

    The USB adapter with Z-Wave Plus battery called Z-Stick Gen5 from Aeon Labs, will allow you to control and monitor any Z-Wave device from a PC or another gateway or compatible home automation controller

    54,99 €
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  • 51,04 € 58,00 € -12%

    The RaZberry 2 unit converts each Raspberry PI into a gateway or control unit for home automation with Z-Wave Plus technology. RaZberry is a GPIO adapter for RaspberryPi. Enter the Z-Wave domotica with Raspberry. It is compatible with Raspberry PI model B, model B + and Raspberry PI 2.

    51,04 € 58,00 € -12%
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items