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Who we are: about domoticalia

According to Wikipedia, home automation is understood as the set of systems capable of automating a home, providing energy management, security, welfare and communication services, which can be integrated by means of indoor and outdoor communication networks, wired or wireless, and whose control enjoys a certain ubiquity, from inside and outside the home. It could be defined as the integration of technology in the intelligent design of an enclosed space.

Domoticalia is an ON-LINE wireless home automation store and other products related to home technology. Our goal is to offer you the best products, the best prices, and the best service. For this, we offer you our customer service where we will answer your questions and expand the information on the solution that best suits your needs. To this end, we commit ourselves to our products, services and contents every day. Domoticalia is a brand of the company Inteliware, S.L. We are dedicated to the domótica, inmótica, the control and the integration of systems of automation of intelligent houses. As valued domotics integrators, our customers appreciate the delivery of innovative solutions that are easy to install, intuitive and effective for their ... smarthome experience.

We are comfortable in the convergence of electronics, communications, machine to machine systems and custom systems engineering, always bearing in mind the end user as the star of our business development. Our products, controllers, kits, unified control units, energy saving systems and home automation tools are selected and / or manufactured to meet the quality standards of the most demanding public.

domoticalia is formed by experienced professionals from multiple disciplines of home automation, responsible for bringing technology to your home or business in a simple and uncomplicated way, to offer what your needs and your current lifestyle demand, minimizing consumption and respecting the environment.

In domoticalia we offer you an increase in your quality of life, extending your comfort, your comfort and the security of yours. A satisfaction experience more accessible than you think, from your home or from anywhere with Internet access.