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    GSM telephone dialer that increases with the ability to call via GSM and send span> SMS. span> 5 input signals. 2 exits Supports span> 10 voice locutions up to 15 seconds, span> by different users and input type. Span> Supports span> remotely control the computer by call. span> p>

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    The T2-GSM socket can be informed to the mobile phone by a power failure or by an excess of temperature through SMS.

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  • 119,00 €

    Turn on and off your boiler with a simple GSM / SMS. Turn on the heating with the mobile is very easy. Heating control by mobile also allows to control similar slave devices through its radio unit for slave remote plugs. Up to 3,500 watts of power. It is the plug that allows you to control devices with a simple SMS. Boiler control with the mobile is easy ...

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  • 194,00 €

    E3-PIR is an alarm without GSM compact couta designed for domestic and commercial users, to protect homes and businesses. It is very easy to install in a few steps and in a matter of minutes. The intrusions will be communicated by SMS, by VOICE call or by reporting to an alarm receiving station (CRA), using GSM and GPRS.

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  • 96,99 €

    GSM device for remote control by mobile with 1 power output, 2 inputs, and temperature probe. Warm-cut warning and temperature alert. In DIN rail format. Ideal for technical rooms or control of homes with centralized heating, air conditioning, etc.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items