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  • 250,00 €

    Fakro ZWS12 Chain Motor for Rotating Roof Windows (12V) controlled by Z-Wave.

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  • 269,00 €

    Fakro ZWS230 chain motor for rotating roof windows (230V) controlled by Z-Wave.

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  • 89,90 €

    Qubino Shades Remote Controller is 9 Channel Z-Wave standard handheld product. The Worlds 1âW Z-Wave remote for shades control (Z-Wave secondary controller)

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  • 64,99 €

    The Z-Wave Micromodule for the control of motors for blinds, awnings, blinds, windows, curtains, in short, this Widom micromodule is a device designed to independently control two-way motors.

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    It allows the control of motors of blinds and awnings locally and remotely through the standard Z-Wave.

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  • 70,80 €

    Qubino Flush Shutter DC Micromodule for controlling blinds, curtains, venetian blinds, awnings, garage doors, etc. with the ability to reverse the polarity to drive 12-24VDC (direct current) motors for this type of shutter home automation applications, its "shutter" or other door / window concealments based on inverted motors.

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  • 68,30 €

    Qubino Flush Shutter Micromodule for home automation control of blinds, curtains, venetian blinds, awnings, etc. with the ability to reverse the polarity to handle 220v AC motors for this type of applications for opening and closing shutters and other "shutters" and solar protections for windows, facades and open spaces.

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  • 70,18 €

    The Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 FGR-223 will allow you to manage shutter actuators with electronic and mechanical stops, venetian blinds or even garage doors

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  • 49,99 €

    The control for blinds Z-Wave Aeotec Nano Shutter makes the motor controls of your blind, awning, blind or curtain, etc. are connected to your Z-Wave wireless network.

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