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  • 47,20 € 59,00 € -20%

    The Z-Wave Plus ZIP-PAN16 socket module allows you to control lighting or a device remotely using the Z-Wave protocol while measuring the energy consumed.

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  • 67,58 € 76,80 € -12%

    Smart wallplug with consumption measurement. The smallest 16A Z-Wave plug on the market. With Z-Wave Plus technology and consumption measurement. It does not limit the power of the plug to which we connect the smart plug since these are usually 16 amps, like this SmartPlug 16A of Qubino.

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  • 64,00 €

    Protect your devices from possible overload using the WiDom Smart Plug and control your electrical devices remotely. Additionally, you can use precise power consumption monitoring to identify nuisance power consumers.

    64,00 €
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  • 65,99 €

    The Aeotec Smart Switch 7 jack is a switch that allows you to control lighting or any other device through the Z-Wave controls.

    65,99 €
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  • 54,90 €

    The NODON Z-Wave Plus smart plug allows you to control the load that you have connected to it from a distance through Z-Wave wireless technology (lamps, appliances ...). This plug has the functionality that detects and transmits the loss of current: it warns when the light goes out.

    54,90 €
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  • 59,99 €

    Outdoor smart plug with Z-Wave Plus wireless technology from the manufacturer Popp.

    59,99 €
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  • 73,99 €

    The Aeotec Range Extender 7 works seamlessly to amplify and repeat weak Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus signals. Set of 2 repeaters (pack).

    73,99 €
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  • 58,96 €

    The Aeon Labs Aeotec Smart Switch 6 is a switch that allows you to control lighting or other devices through Z-Wave commands.

    58,96 €
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  • 67,76 €

    The Fibaro wall plug is an extremely compact Z-Wave Plus smart plug module, which can control the lighting or other equipment connected to your outlet. It is the smallest controlled plug by Z-Wave on the market.

    67,76 €
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  • 42,99 €

    This range extender works perfectly to amplify and repeat weak Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus radio signals

    42,99 €
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items