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  • 199,95 €

    Z-Wave Meteorological Station and multifunctional outdoor sensor with Z-Wave Plus technology and autonomous solar power for wind speed detection (Z-Wave PLUS technology anemometer), air temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, air pressure and dew point.

    199,95 €
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  • 44,99 €

    Z-Wave Plus surface switch with home automation controller functions. Optimized battery operation with very low consumption.

    44,99 €
  • 69,90 €

    Smoke sensor Z-Wave Plus from the manufacturer Popp. It has an interesting built-in siren function to alert at the place of placement of the smoke detector.

    69,90 €
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  • 49,99 €

    Four-button remote control and keychain type, KFOB-C model, Z-Wave Plus technology, from the manufacturer POPP

    49,99 €
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  • 54,99 €

    Outdoor plug (IP44 protection) from the POPP manufacturer. With Z-Wave Plus technology. Format "schuko" (Type F)

    54,99 €
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  • 18,00 €

    External Popp power supply for the POPP smoke sensor. It is an optional power supply that allows to feed externally (220 V) the different POPP devices

    18,00 €
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  • 122,00 €

    Popp Flow Stop Motor for closure of anti-flood or anti-leakage gas supply valve from the manufacturer Popp

    122,00 €
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  • 249,00 €

    External siren that works autonomously by solar energy, Z-Wave Plus wireless technology

    249,00 €
    Product Under Order
  • 90,00 €

    Z-Wave carbon monoxide sensor to eliminate the risk of poisoning by this harmful gas. Detect it through your home automation and trigger an alarm or warning, in addition to the device itself.

    90,00 €
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  • 89,95 €

    This detector or smoke sensor Z-Wave + detects fire and smoke emissions efficiently. In case of emergency, it triggers an integrated acoustic alarm.

    89,95 €
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  • 149,00 €

    Last generation Z-Wave + home automation controller from the manufacturer Popp that works with Z-Way, the Z-Wave Plus certified software, which even connects some technologies with others.

    149,00 €
    In stock
  • 59,99 €

    It is a module of control via radio Z-Wave for electronic door opener of the manufacturer POPP. It is the world's first Z-Wave door opener controller for electric strike.

    59,99 €
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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items