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Online Security

Many users are reluctant to provide their personal data and credit card numbers in the online environment for fear of misuse of these data, as well as for the 'theft' of them by unauthorized third parties.

Logically, the technology companies have assumed this problem and we have implemented security systems that guarantee the transfer of data in a confidential manner.

Currently, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) system is the most used by online companies for its effectiveness and guarantees. In fact, with this system, the transmission of confidential information from your computer to our servers is done in a fully codified manner throughout the purchase process. In this way, we prevent anyone from accessing your personal data by making improper use of them without your authorization.

Once the security of the transactions has been confirmed, we can only say that the purchase by credit card is very practical for several reasons:

You do not need to move to the bank to make the transfer.
The delivery of the order is faster: we should not wait for you to make the transfer or to receive via fax or email proof of payment. This always delays shipments.
Also in card payments the returns are faster and more efficient and we avoid transfers, which may involve expenses. Also, in the case of returns, the issuing bank of the credit card has the authority to control the entire process and require the company to comply with its obligations towards the customer. The bank, consequently, acts in these cases as a support to the client.
However, if you are still reluctant to pay by credit card, you have the option to make your payments by bank transfer as we indicate in more detail in the section 'Forms of payment'.