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Instructions for European companies with a valid intra EU operator VAT operator number

Instructions for non-Spanish companies with valid Community operator VAT number.

The company that owns this webshop is from Spain Inteliware, S.L. ESB86690344

Under current EU legislation, the Eropean companies that are in possession of a intra-Community VAT operator number, don't pay VAT on their orders if they are not Spanish companies.

To view the product prices, place orders and pay them directly without paying VAT, please follow the next procedure:

1) Register in the webshop as enterprise account, including the VAT number of your company

2) Request by email to:   intra-Community operator verification

3) We will check the number and if it is valid, your profile will be changed to allow you to buy without VAT.

You can verify your intra-Community operator number here: