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domoticalia as an integrator and distributor of products, services and solutions of home automation and inmótica, telecommunications and technologies for IoT with wireless technology based on Z-Wave as well as other techniques of home automation and work centers, is an ideal partner for electrical installers or Technology integrators who want to save time and money in their sound, security, video surveillance, IT and telecommunications projects or electrical installations, among other disciplines.

Thanks to our products, some without cables, without works and with very low maintenance, you can have solutions to make your installations more flexible and adaptable to any new configuration.

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If you are a professional of electrical installations or of building automation, of electronic technology, computer science and telecommunications, do not hesitate to sign up. You can get significant discounts if you are an installer, programmer, automation integrator, distributor or manufacturer. Contact us and we will give you a special access with which you can work with your net prices for each product, all in an easy, convenient and fast way, to be able to process your orders through the web for professionals.

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Domotics for Architects and Interior Designers

We lend directly or through our alliances, home automation systems integration services for architecture and interior design professionals. Providing an increase in comfort, safety, energy efficiency through home automation will allow you to significantly increase the perception of your projects to the end customers. The Z-Wave home automation fundamentally, due to its wireless nature and the size of its innovative devices, allows a very little imbased and clean installation in finished constructions as well as those that are still under construction. Home automation, the Internet of things, Connected Objects and the intelligent digital home are a reality of the present
Home Automation for Promoters and Builders
In addition, when we talk about domotics or inmotics for builders and real estate developers, we are willing to be the best allies to provide promotions and customers with a high added value, very innovative perception that will allow us to take advantage of their competitors. Distinguish and greatly increase the transmission of value of your real estate product by offering constructions provided with security and remote control from the mobile. Increase comfort and energy efficiency by automating blinds, lights, heating and air conditioning, smart irrigation ... Increase security with motion sensors, door and window opening detectors, IP cameras, etc. Accessing from your smartphone, anywhere in the world through the Internet. Increase the energy efficiency of homes, offering information in real time of electrical consumption, temperature inertias, saving when distance from the installation means GPS positioning ...