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  • 67,11 €

    The Qubino RGBW Dimmer micromodule is a universal Z-Wave technology device for RGB / RGBW regulation. It can be used to control the colors of RGB / RGBW strips and LED strips or bulbs to create endless color options. The Qubino RGBW Dimmer has 5 predefined scene effects. It is extremely small and allows easy installation in the mechanism case.

    67,11 €
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  • 179,99 €

    The Aeotec Z-Wave Plus LED strip allows you to decorate and fill the rooms with the best light. Paint your stay with colors thanks to its unlimited color possibilities

    179,99 €
    In stock
  • 39,00 €

    With the use of Zipato's RGBW LED bulb, you can control the color and intensity of lighting in your home or office simply with your smartphone.

    39,00 €
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  • 9,99 €

    The length of the Aeotec LED Strip (AEOEZW121-2) is not long enough for you to create the perfect room atmosphere? No problem! Thanks to the Aeotec LED Strip Extension 1.2m which is separate available, you can easily extend the main LED Strip. A 6-pin connector makes installation quick and easy.

    9,99 €
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  • 129,93 €

    LUXY Smart Light is ideal for soft lighting of any room and for visual and audible notifications. On / Off / Dim Luxy light 16 million colors Visual and audible notification Z-Wave Plus repeater

    129,93 €
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  • 35,70 € 42,00 € -15%

    The Z-Wave LED bulb RGB for conventional socket E27 (the "fat" cap) of all life.

    35,70 € 42,00 € -15%
    Reduced price!
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  • 70,18 €

    This RGB / RGBW controller can control LED strips, RGB / RGBW LEDs, and 12V or 24V light sources. It also allows you to do many other things in Z-Wave home automation

    70,18 €
    In stock
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items