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Auxiliary tools and accessories for the interconnection, assembly or communication of safety, inmotica and domotica or computerized devices.

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    An irrigation solenoid valve is an electrically controlled valve for regulating the flow of water. When a voltage is applied to the coil, the valve opens and liquid can flow through. Solenoid valves are also called solenoid valve, water valve, electric valve or solenoid valve. Rain Bird ®l solenoid valves are specially designed for irrigation. They have a robust construction and are optionally equipped with manual flow control, so that the desired flow rate can be adjusted. Most models have an override function, the valve can be opened manually if necessary. In addition, they are equipped with a particulate dirt filter. Rain Bird valves are equipped with a 24V AC (alternating current) coil. Most irrigation controllers operate on 24V AC. Also available are solenoid valves called LATCH type valves at 9v. DC solenoid valves are also available to be operated with controllers or custom 9V battery operated systems.

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