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  • 44,90 €

    The SmartThings type F plug allows existing electrical appliances to be integrated into the SmartThings ecosystem. You have access to the electrical connection of your electrical appliances and you can easily control them through your Smartphone, for example, turn off the connected lights and save energy on the way.

    44,90 €
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  • 38,99 €

    38,99 €
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  • 48,99 €

    Easily control all electrical appliances connected to the Usee Link LELLKI power strip using Zigbee home automation. It also allows you to connect 2 USB devices for charging / power

    48,99 €
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  • 19,00 €

    The Zigbee 3.0 smart plug allows us to control any traditional electrical device remotely, via smartphone or voice. Also integrate it in home automation scenes etc.

    19,00 €
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  • 34,40 €

    Zigbee repeater with night light function. Repeat and strengthen your home's Zigbee signal and use the night light feature with the Heiman Smart Repeater.

    34,40 €
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  • 30,00 €

    Extender / repeater to amplify the range of your network for Zigbee home automation. The Zi Range Extender manages the mesh optimization of your Zigbee network.

    30,00 €
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items