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Shelly Qubino Wave PM Mini - Z-Wave smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A



Z-Wave® smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A. This is only a power meter. There is no relay inside.​

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Serie 800

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Z-Wave® smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A 

The smallest Z-Wave power meter in the world for precise power monitoring. Track electrical appliances' power consumption from anywhere and optimize your energy usage. Thanks to its compact retrofit design, it is small enough to fit into even the most tightly packed spaces and electrical wall boxes.​

*This is only a power meter. There is no relay inside.​

  • Supports up to 16 A at 240 V AC​
  • Power metering​
  • Extremely low power consumption: < 0.3 W​
  • Z-Wave frequency band: 868.4 MHz (CEPT countries)​
  • Latest technology: Z-Wave 800 Series​
  • Automatic set-up with SmartStart 
  • Security 2 Authenticated for the highest level of security​
  • Supports over-the-air firmware updates​
  • Fast and simple installation in most standard electrical boxes and switches​
  • Works with Z-Wave certified gateways and over 4,000 Z-Wave devices​

*A gateway (smart hub) is not included. A gateway (smart hub) is required for the configuration of the device.

Mini Size, Mini Price

Designed with convenience in mind, this Mini power meter has the powerful capability of energy consumption monitoring fit into a compact and space-saving form factor.  Wave PM Mini is perfect for those tight spaces where traditional devices simply won't fit. Despite their small size, the Wave Mini devices don't compromise on performance or functionality.​

Shelly Qubino works on Z-Wave

By using Z-Wave, smart home products can seamlessly communicate with each other, regardless of their brand or platform, thanks to a centralized smart hub! Shelly Qubino devices work on the latest Z-Wave chip generation (S800), one of the most popular standardized technologies for smart homes in the world. ​

Works with any Z-Wave gateway

Wave Mini devices are designed to fit behind any switch or socket, or directly within the appliance, instantly transforming it into a smart one. Once installed, include it to your Z-Wave network (Z-Wave gateway is required) and control connected appliances from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Shelly Qubino devices work with over 4000 Z-Wave certified devices and gateways.


Z-Wave operated

Include Wave PM Mini to your Z-Wave network and control it remotely. It‘s compatible with all certified Z-Wave gateways.​

Supports up to 16 A

The device can measure power consumption of a load of up to 16 A.​

Power Monitoring

Wave PM Mini provides precise power consumption monitoring.​

Wide range of voltage support

Use it to monitor a wide range of AC devices and appliances.​


Establish direct communication between devices in your Z-Wave local network and set actions with no gateway present!​

Smart scenes

Set custom scenes by combining Wave PM Mini with any other Z-Wave devices (gateway required). ​

Size does matter!

Wave Mini devices open a world of possibilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into even the most tightly packed spaces and switch boxes. Thanks to their reduced size, Wave Mini devices fit effortlessly into all kinds of electrical boxes, including Danish wall boxes. Furthermore, they can be discreetly installed directly within the appliance you want to control or monitor.​

Endless use applications

Preventative management

When an electrical appliance is damaged, it doesn't simply stop working. Usually, it increases the amount of energy used to compensate for its operational capacity. Since there is no visible difference in its performance, it might take months before you can identify a problem, leading to inefficiency and wasted energy. Wave PM Mini, however, will immediately report the increase in energy consumption and will save you additional expenses on repairs or replacement of equipment.​​

Track your power
consumption and  enhance cost-effectiveness

It can happen sometimes that we forget to switch off all the lights or leave an appliance we don‘t need during the night on, which generates unnecessary energy. Wave PM Mini‘s power monitoring enables the detection and eradication of excess energy consumption across your household. Together with smart scenes, you can use Wave PM Mini‘s data to set off scenarios, such as turning off appliances during a spike to protect them or during the night to save energy.

Power supply 110-240 V AC / 24–30 V DC
Power consumption < 0.3 W
Power measurement (W) Yes
External protection 16 A, tripping characteristic B or C, 6 kA interrupting rating, Energy limiting class 3
Max measurement power 3840 W
Max measurement current 16 A
Overheating protection Yes
Distance Up to 40 m indoors (131 ft.) (depends on local condition)
Z-Wave repeater Yes
CPU Z-WaveS800
Z-Wave frequency bands 868,4 MHz
Maximum radio frequency power transmitted in frequency band(s) < 25 mW
Size(H x W x D) 29x35x16 ±0.5 mm / 1.11x1.35x0.63 ±0.02 in
Weight 13 ±1 g / 0.46 ±0.04oz
Mounting Wallbox
Screw terminals max.torque 0.4Nm/ 3.54lbin
Conductor cross section 0.5 to 1.5 mm² / 20 to 16 AWG
Conductor stripped length 5 to 6 mm / 0.20 to 0.24 in
Shell material Plastic
Color Lightgrey
Ambient temperature -20°C to 40°C / -5°F to 105°F
Humidity 30% to 70% RH
Max.altitude 2000 m / 6562ft.

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Shelly Qubino Wave PM Mini - Z-Wave smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A

Shelly Qubino Wave PM Mini - Z-Wave smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A

Z-Wave® smart power meter, 1 channel 16 A. This is only a power meter. There is no relay inside.​

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