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HA Kit DIY RPi for DIN RAIL Z-Wave +



Z-Wave Plus Domotic Center for DIY philosophy (Do It Yourself) based on Raspberry PI kit + GPIO RaZberry + 16GB microSD card for use with your favorite home automation software. Includes power supply for DIN rail and box for Raspberry PI3 also for DIN rail

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Technology Z-Wave Plus

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Domotica DIY kit for Z-Wave Plus DIN RAIL, based on GPIO RaZberry + Raspberry PI card + SD card to be used with your favorite Z-Wave home automation software . Includes power supply and DIN RAIL box for Raspberry PI.


  • Domotic controller Z-Wave +
  • Depending on the software you use, it has several plugins for integration of home automation peripherals not Z-Wave
  • Easy to install in frame thanks to its DIN rail box
  • It has APP for mobile (according to versions and software chosen to be installed by you)

With the DIY Home Kit for DIN RAIL you have all the elements to create your own Z-Wave + home automation controller.

This kit that allows you to use multiple variants of opensource software (such as Z-Way, DomoticZ, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Jeedom DIY ...) is a simple solution for home automation, especially for its price and its possibilities to work with multiple home automation environments. The purpose of this kit is to make home automation available to as many people as possible. This Domotica DIY kit for DIN RAIL (do it yourself), is a Z-Wave + home automation center with good performance, high reliability and an attractive price compared to other Z-Wave + controllers.

As for the home automation protocols that it supports natively, it is only compatible with Z-Wave + (with the plugin pre-installed and configured). If you want to make it compatible with other protocols, you can download plugins and acquire the additional devices necessary for it.

This DIY Home Kit for DIN RAIL allows you to purchase optional modules, apps and plugins in the marketplaces of the different software distributions .

The DIY Kit for DIN RAIL is universal and scalable and has many possibilities for integrating, developing and testing the concept in the IoT world .

It is also very versatile to be used for didactic, self-instructional or academic purposes in educational centers, technical and vocational schools, universities, etc.

Contents of DIY Home Kit for Z-Wave DIN RAIL :

  • Raspberry PI 3 Model B
  • Box for DIN rail from Raspberry PI 3
  • DIN rail power supply for Raspberry PI
  • MicroSD storage card 16 GB Class 10 to be used with your domotica software
  • GPIO Razberry2 expansion card with Z-Wave + 500 Series technology (greater Z-Wave coverage - model 2019)
  • UTP ethernet cable
  • MicroUSB cranked male power cable terminated in tips

By default, the start of this Domotica DIY Kit for DIN RAIL is very simple and Plug & Play. In general, it is not necessary to connect keyboard, mouse and screen. Everything is done directly in the browser, once you load the image of your favorite software.

The DIY Kit is compatible with ALMOST ALL Z-Wave devices and some non-Z-Wave devices using additional modules!

Domotica Raspberry PI: Jeedom OpenHAB DomoticZ ZWay Home Assistant

Featured projects of HA (domotica DIY) for which this kit is of interest:

DomoticZ DomoticZ downloads

Jeedom DIY

Jeedom DIY Image for MicroSD / RBPi


Image for MicroSD / RBPi OpenHAB
Home Assistant N / A (DDns) Download / installation instructions with NetworkManager


Image for ZS Way MicroSD / RBPi


  • Accessible through smartphone or tablet through App (depending on the software you install)
  • Ethernet connection with any ADSL / Fiber router
  • Only one PC is needed for configuration and / or image generation on the microSD card
  • Configurable remotely
  • Open API for developers
  • Marketplaces with numerous plugins in the industry
  • Z-Wave + compatible
  • No subscription to any service is mandatory. In some cases optional.
  • Plug & Play installation

Connectors (Raspberry PI) :

  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • HDMI
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • RCA composite video jack
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Power via Micro-USB
  • 3.5mm audio output jack
  • Base for GPIO and serial bus
  • Radio Interface: Z-Wave +



Bien con OpenHAB y Jeedom

Me funciona todo bien con opanHAB y con Jeedom. Satisfecho. Gracias.


Raspberry pi en carril DIN: fenomenal

Llevaba tiempo buscando uun controlador de domotica para carril din para aplicaciones verticales. Magnifico kit. Lo hemos usado para prototipar y lo usaremos tambien en entorno real.


Raspberry en carril DIN

Super recomendable por su tamaño y por quedar todo muy compacto.

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HA Kit DIY RPi for DIN RAIL Z-Wave +

HA Kit DIY RPi for DIN RAIL Z-Wave +

Z-Wave Plus Domotic Center for DIY philosophy (Do It Yourself) based on Raspberry PI kit + GPIO RaZberry + 16GB microSD card for use with your favorite home automation software. Includes power supply for DIN rail and box for Raspberry PI3 also for DIN rail


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