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VERA EDGE Z-Wave gateway HA controller



Vera Edge is the "brain" of your smart home. Domotic control center Z-Wave Plus that allows the control of cameras, sensors, detectors, thermostats and other home automation devices. It has never been so simple as with the Vera Edge.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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The new Vera Edge is a Z-Wave Control unit, which allows you to completely control the Z-Wave network through a web interface from your computer or from your smartphone. In this way, it allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world.

The intuitive user interface of the 7th generation of the Control Unit or Vera Control Gateway is used to configure scenes, applications, associations and input control. You can also read data from the sensors and measurement data of electric econsumos, in addition to controlling images of the IP cameras. The Vera Edge has:

- The innovative Z-Wave Plus technology

- Wireless access to Z-Wave networks

- Version 7 of the Vera Control user interface

- Only available in English

Vera Edge Screens

Control with a single easy and powerful application of cameras, door locks, sensors, thermostats and other Z-Wave and security domotica devices, can be viewed and controlled from anywhere with the Vera Edge home automation control unit. It allows to create scenes and personalized sequences. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer for control and configuration. It provides security in the home and in the small and medium business, saving energy and tranquility. Compatible with over 1200 Z-Wave devices from leading brands. Communicates with devices using Z-Wave Plus wireless connections. And ... of course, it does not require monthly fees.

Control with a touch of the whole system

The Vera Edge allows you to see all your cameras and control all the devices in an easy way with your application
It also allows to see and control the system with any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world (where there is internet, of course)
It offers us to be able to save money on energy, automatically!
The Vera Edge allows you to expand the system to control up to 220 Z-Wave devices
Wireless communications facilitate installation in any home or small business
Easy configuration, intuitive and simple, the extension with more devices a posteriori is also viable with preconfigured values for most devices
No monthly charges: it offers a TOTAL CONTROL IN A simple solution

VERA EDGE: A universe of domotics and control

If you are making comparisons between domotic controllers, by their characteristics, you will find that Vera Edge is far ahead of its competitors, which excels in all sections. In short, your home automation can not go wrong with Vera Edge!

Vera Edge supports a very wide universe of devices with respect to any competitor (including more than 1200 Z-Wave devices).
It allows control over 220 devices in your home or small business.
WPS button that allows easy pairing for Wi-Fi devices.
Camera multiviewer, and a camera alert zone by motion detection.
Easy interview style setup procedure.
Use mobile applications to remotely configure and control the system from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or use the computer (Mac or Windows).
Easy, intuitive interface is the same on all platforms.
View and control the system from anywhere in the world (where there is Internet.). Or enjoy local control in your home or office, without any latency problems, even when the Internet is down.
Geofencing-the system can know who is arriving / departing based on the location of the cell phone, so for example, the thermostat can change automatically as it circulates close to home.
Advanced occupancy sensors, push notifications, and creation of custom automation scenes in a single device triggers another, or use the time of day, sunrise / sunset, or other triggers to control lights, locks doors, thermostats, etc.
Receive notifications when children arrive home, employees arrive or leave, when water is detected in the basement, when the triggers of the smoke detector, or when anything else happens with the VeraEdge system.
Integrated help is available at each step of the installation and operation, with contextual help based on the activity, in addition to the detailed documentation on our support site.
The new energy management functions include the reporting of energy consumption in households (with daily, monthly and annual information) and the quick dashboard display of energy statistics.
You can choose from more than 200 independent (third-party) developer applications.
VeraEdge has better access control with simple administration PIN-give everyone in your home (or small business) their own codes for locks and access to the system.
New customizable user panel with favorite devices activated to see it easy, access and control.
VeraEdge is equipped with the powerful application Vera UI7, the easiest home control and powerful automation software and anywhere. You will be guided through each step of the setup and installation process, not only at the beginning, but also as your system expands to include more devices.

VERA EDGE: easy, but very advanced

Whether you are starting to build your first home automation system, or you are an experienced professional, VeraEdge is the driver for you. With the VeraEdge controller, all smart home security and security devices work together, and are controlled from a single easy application. Advanced capabilities include custom scene creation. Maximum ease of use includes one-touch control of all system devices.

An application controls door locks, thermostats, alarm, light, sound, cameras and everything else!
You can easily manage up to 220 devices
Works with more than 1200 Z-Wave devices from many brands
Works with Wi-Fi cameras of many brands
Includes extended Wi-Fi range for easy indoor and outdoor camera setup

A controller for many uses

LET VERAEDGE be the center FOR YOUR SMART home or business. THIS controller can be used for DIFFERENT purposes:

Convenience - With a single touch at night, for example, you can lock the doors, turn off the lights, change the thermostat and set the alarm system. Or get home and have the lights on and the thermostat automatically regulates.
Keep it here - Check that kids get home safely, watch your small business when you're out, make sure an elderly relative is safe, or keep an eye on the garage.
Energy Saving - automatically change the thermostat and light settings to use energy only when people are at home, monitor energy consumption, save money!
Security - VeraEdge can provide all the features of a traditional security alarm system, plus it can add even more peace of mind to security devices such as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Add cameras, door locks, door / window sensors and security alarms at a professional level.
Reduction of energy bills - VeraEdge allows you to see and control the energy consumption of households for monthly savings.
Text Alerts / Email - Receive an email or text when children arrive safely home. Or when your basement gets wet.

WITH VERA EDGE any home can be a smart home!

If you think your home (or small business) needs some kind of wiring or special preparation to become a smart home, you're wrong. With VeraEdge any home or small business can be automated, and you're ready to start right now. VeraEdge uses wireless communications to "talk" with devices such as door locks, sensors, thermostats, light regulators, etc. There are no cables that connect these devices to the controller. All you need to start is a VeraEdge controller and one or more devices to control.

FEATURES advanced, but quite affordable

VeraEdge is identical in quality and performance superior to the offers for the smart home of most of the main cable-TV and telephone companies. There is a big difference, however: With VeraEdge no monthly fee is required.

In addition VeraEdge offers you state-of-the-art capabilities, which frankly, the "big guys" have a hard time keeping up with. With regular firmware updates - all completely free of your VeraEdge you will still receive even more advanced. Some of the most recent features include geo-fencing to automatically detect when you will arrive or leave, push notifications on smart phones and automated Wi-Fi setup with WPS convenience button.

VeraEdge also allows you to have your way, mixing and combining the manufacturers. You are not limited to a single brand of door lock or camera or thermostat. VeraEdge is compatible with most brands of home automation devices using Wi-Fi communications, and offers guaranteed compatibility with all Z-Wave devices.


Imagine locking the doors, turning off the lights, activating the alarm system, and changing the thermostat at bedtime all with just one touch. That's just the beginning of what VeraEdge can do. The new seventh generation Vera UI7 from the dashboard and mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy.

With four convenient preconfigured modes (home, far away, vacation night) that simultaneously control everything in your system, all you have to do is install the application, configure the devices (cameras, door locks, door / window sensors, thermostats, etc.) and you're ready to go.

In addition VeraEdge provides advanced capabilities to create your own custom sequences, such as to turn on the lights at dusk, or every time a door is opened. Receive text / email alerts when events occur, make video recordings based on shooting events, and much more.

Start building your VERAEDGE SYSTEM TODAY!

With more than a thousand compatible devices, the possibilities are almost endless. From lights, locks, thermostats to motion sensors. You can choose freely among dozens of well-known brands such as Fibaro, Aeotec, Qubino, Zipato, Philio, Node and many more.

Wifi, Z-Wave Plus and USB

Comparison Vera Edge vs Vera Plus



Mucho por muy poco

Excelente para proyectos pequeños. No tiene la app mas bonita pero es practica y funciona bien.


Precio razonable

Precio muy razonable para lo que have. Vera es Z-Wave a precio. Gracias.


Muy bien por el precio

Bastante contento con el Vera. Tenia dudas si funcionaria bien por su precio y finalmente al usarlo me ha gustado bastante.



Bueno, bonito y barato. Puedes hacer de casi todo con un precio muy interesante. Yo lo uso fundamentalmente para persianas y me va de maravilla. Muy contento.

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VERA EDGE Z-Wave gateway HA controller

VERA EDGE Z-Wave gateway HA controller

Vera Edge is the "brain" of your smart home. Domotic control center Z-Wave Plus that allows the control of cameras, sensors, detectors, thermostats and other home automation devices. It has never been so simple as with the Vera Edge.


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