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FIBARO SWIPE - Gesture control system Z-Wave +



Fibaro SWIPE is a revolutionary gestural control screen, which allows you to control domotic devices managed through Fibaro. Compatible with the Z-Wave + protocol

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Technology Z-Wave Plus

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FIBARO presents its new innovation based on Z-Wave + technology, which is a revolutionary system again distancing itself from other manufacturers by designing a device capable of recognizing gestures that activate scenes or execute actions on other domotic devices.

It is a revolutionary gestural controller that allows you to control the devices of the Z-Wave network of your home or office.

Fibaro opens the door to his imagination

It offers, with just a swipe of the finger, the sensation of freedom and power in the control of the home automation of the modern digital home. It allows you to use only one hand to do what you want. This device, very advanced, has almost unlimited capacity so you can explore multiple options and let the imagination fly.

Now the control is carried out with your body language

Slide your hand up and down, left or right on the screen, making circular movements and / or using sequences of actions to get complete and intuitive control of your smart home or office. In fact, just by moving your finger you can recognize up to 6 gestures. It is not necessary to touch the device, which is able to recognize both simple gestures and combinations of gestures. It can be placed as a display of photos, a painting or even better, on top of a surface (such as a table, etc.), being able to recognize the gestures drawn on the other side of the screen.

Fibaro Swipe in Spain

These different actions depending on your configuration, to manage the lighting, alarm, the multimedia system, your shutters, or even trigger different scenarios, such as "Good evening" scenario with a single touch, turn off lights, close doors, and move Heating to "night" mode.

Fibaro Swipe in Spain Gestual control

3D technology for greater precision

To guarantee the recognition of gestures made without any problems by sliding / moving the finger, it is equipped with a 3D motion sensor that is the most accurate of its kind. This is what Fibaro's capacity provides to offer a quite spectacular new way to control their devices while remaining intuitive and easy to use.

Fibaro Swipe

Perfect design and integration

The SWIPE offers different ways to integrate into your home or office. It can be installed in any room of the house, in a dresser, a closet, or it can be hung on the wall in the middle of other frames while displaying your favorite photos of the family so that it is part of your decoration.

Decorate with Fibaro Swipe

Or disappear completely from the scene hiding under a kitchen countertop, coffee table or desk. If placed under a table, simply put your hand on the table to play music, or turn on the lights. It is actually capable of capturing 3D movements even through these surfaces. Magical effect guaranteed!

Fibaro Swipe

Makes life easier

The Fibaro Swipe can of course be used in your home, your place of work, to accompany and care for the elderly and increase their comfort, or simply to make life easier for everyone by running different scenarios, for example wake up, without having to leave your bed.

Wake up with Fibaro Swipe

Quality and precision

The controller is equipped with a buzzer that confirms gestures and other actions performed. The device works with batteries, although it can be connected by a cable (Micro USB) to a DC source (thus operating the batteries as a backup). No need for buttons or buttons, with a gesture on the FIBARO Swipe you can control your Z-Wave network. The front of the FIBARO SWIPE is made of polycarbonate that protects the screen and the "magic sensor" against bumps and scratches. The set imposes a finish of exceptional quality.

The SWIPE, works only with the home automation controllers of Fibaro


Tablet for gestural control of Z-Wave home automation based on Fibaro
Compatible with Z-Wave and / or Z-Wave +
Supports protected mode (safe mode of Z-Wave network) with AES-128 encryption
Allows the detection of gestures without contact
It works with batteries or with the supplied adapter. When powered on with the adapter, the batteries can be used as a reserve power source
Gestures and actions are confirmed by buzzer and LED on the equipment
The gesture control menu allows you to use the device without removing it


Power supplies: Batteries and / or 5 V DC power supply (batteries included)
Power connector: Micro-USB
Battery type: 4 x 1.5V AA
Frequency: 868.42 MHz
Transmission distance: 50m free field, 30m indoors
Dimensions: 178 x 130 x 29 mm




Sensor gestual alucinante

Muy practico para determinadas situaciones. Funciona bien con Fibaro Home Center. Gracias.

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FIBARO SWIPE - Gesture control system Z-Wave +

FIBARO SWIPE - Gesture control system Z-Wave +

Fibaro SWIPE is a revolutionary gestural control screen, which allows you to control domotic devices managed through Fibaro. Compatible with the Z-Wave + protocol


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