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AEOTEC - Base-support for WATER SENSOR 6



The support for the water sensor 6 greatly improves the most important functions of the water sensor 6.

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The 6 water sensor protects your home against leaks and floods in the easiest way. You leave it, put it on and forget it. The Dock is the support for the Water Sensor 6. It is a professional tool that greatly improves the most important functions of the Water Sensor 6. With the Dock and the Water Sensor 6 combined, your house is protected by the sensor Z-Wave flood is the most advanced available.

Look 2 zones
Most water leakage sensors allow you to monitor only one area. The Dock improves the Water Sensor 6 to be able to monitor 2 different zones using point sensors. Each sensor is a sensor that can monitor surfaces, even floors, up to 1 meter away from the installation location of the Dock. Only 0.25 cm thick probes are perfect for monitoring and remote monitoring in exceptionally narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

Look at a complete area
While you can be sure that leaks will occur, you can not always be sure of your destination. This is especially true when it comes to water tanks and boilers. Although they are fleeing, it is impossible to know where they will flee. The Dock solves that. Simply connect a loop sensor and surround an object completely. Wherever the leak occurs, the water sensor will detect it.

Optimization of the power supply
The Dock can be powered by the network. Simply plug it into a power outlet using the included USB cable and a 5VDC, 0.5A USB adapter; A standard smartphone charger. This means that the Water Sensor 6 should no longer depend on the batteries; You do not even need to use them. But if it does, the Water Sensor 6 battery will be used as a backup battery that offers the same life as the sensor itself: 2 years. A lot of time to restore the energy to the Dock.

Radio optimization
Water sensor 6 uses Gen5 and Z-Wave Plus technologies for wireless communication. It is optimized to communicate more than 150 meters in an open space. Because Z-Wave is a low-power signal, its wireless range can be affected by metal objects such as washing machines and refrigerators.

If you install it close to the metal, the Dock allows you to optimize Z-Wave's wireless performance. Use it to install the Water Sensor 6 away from metal objects while controlling the desired areas.


- 2x 3M double-sided adhesive tape.
- Base for the water sensor 6.
- 2 mounting screws.
- 2x sensor with cable.
- USB cable for optional power supply.


Dock for water sensor 6
Optimization of the power supply
Monitor 2 zones
Monitor a complete area
Radio optimization

Dimensions (width x height x height): 3.7 cm x 3.2 cm x 10.4 cm
Weight: 100g



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AEOTEC - Base-support for WATER SENSOR 6

AEOTEC - Base-support for WATER SENSOR 6

The support for the water sensor 6 greatly improves the most important functions of the water sensor 6.


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