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ZOOZ Tilt Sensor - Z-Wave+ 700 Shock / Tilt Sensor



Control your door, window, garage door or gate with Zooz's ZSE43 tilt/shock sensor.

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Technology Z-Wave 700 Series

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The ZSE43 sensor can monitor a door, window, garage door or gate. Get reliable garage door and gate open/close reports. Control window panes or doors from your Z-Wave hub for added security.

Safer entry points
Doors, windows, and garage doors are the most vulnerable entry points into your home. This sensor has been designed to offer extra protection for everyone with fast wireless status reports.

Choose whether you want to use it as a simple tilt sensor or a simple vibration sensor, and if you want, get both types of reports for the doors and windows you want to monitor. The tilt sensor can be programmed to send a notification if the garage is opened. With the shock sensor feature, you will be able to tell if the glass in your basement window has been broken or tampered with.

As always, a Z-Wave hub is required to use Zooz's smart security products.

modern security
Take advantage of the latest hardware and software technology improvements with this extra small and discreet smart sensor.

It measures just under 5cm tall and just 0.8cm thick, making it over 50% smaller than other popular Z-Wave tilt sensors. Despite its size, the device has up to 50% more range and reports faster thanks to the 700 series Z-Wave chip.

It runs on a single CR2032 button cell battery which is easy and cheap to obtain once it's time to replace it. Also, with a dedicated waterproof case (sold separately), you can safely use this sensor outside without the need for additional protection.

DIY Smart Garage Opener
Use this sensor with the MultiRelay and create a fully automated garage door system. The sensor will keep you informed by reporting the open/close status of the door, while the relay allows you to control the garage door remotely.

Connect up to 3 automations to the MultiRelay and activate them individually: that's 3 more intelligent doors with a single device. Attach the tilt/shock sensor to each door to complete setup.


Quick and reliable tilt and vibration alerts at your facility
New 700 series chip for faster communication and longer battery life
Extra small for discreet mounting
Protective rubber lining
Runs on a single long-lasting battery
Latest S2 security and SmartStart for secure setup
Support OTA firmware updates


Power: 1 CR2032A battery (included in the box)
Z-Wave signal frequency: 868.42MHz
Range: Up to 100m line of sight
Installation and use: indoors or outdoors with a waterproof cover (sold separately)
Operating temperature: 0-40°C
Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.8 x 2.5cm


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ZOOZ Tilt Sensor - Z-Wave+ 700 Shock / Tilt Sensor

ZOOZ Tilt Sensor - Z-Wave+ 700 Shock / Tilt Sensor

Control your door, window, garage door or gate with Zooz's ZSE43 tilt/shock sensor.

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