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AJAX MotionCam - Motion detector with camera to verify alarms


Motion detector with camera to verify alarms. MotionCam detector requires Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus to function

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More than a photo. Faster than a video.

With MotionCam you will know about any real situation at home even before burglars know they have discovered them. An animated series of photos follows the instant motion detection alarm for an accurate assessment of the situation.
This motion detector with camera allows you to know immediately what caused the alarm to go off. This is achieved thanks to the integrated camera, which is responsible for sending a series of photos even during a power failure and works independently of the WiFi. But keep in mind that to receive the images in the application it is necessary that the HUB2 is connected to the network.

This PIR's camera is activated only if a real intruder is detected at a range of up to 12 meters and ignores pets up to 20 kilograms. It also has several levels of sensitivity that can be chosen when configuring it.

How long does it take to get the images from the PIR sensor with camera to the APP?

It depends on the resolution you have configured and the quality of the connection. The table below shows how long it would take with each resolution and with 2-3 lines of quality of connection between the detector and the HUB and the HUB connected to the network by Ethernet cable.

Photo resolution Reception time
160 × 120 up to 7 s
320 × 240 (default setting) up to 9 s
640 × 480 up to 20 s

In addition to sending images, a motion detection notice would be sent within 0.15 seconds.

To connect the Ajax motioncam detector with the HUB2, just follow these simple steps :

  1. We open the APP.
  2. We scan the QR code behind the detector.
  3. We assign it a name.

Technical characteristics :

  • Brand: Ajax.
  • Classification: Electro-optical security detector with combined radio channel and photographic camera.
  • Detector type: Wireless.
  • Installation: Indoor.
  • Motion detection distance: Up to 12 m.
  • Pet immunity: Weight: up to 20 kg | Height: up to 50 cm.
  • Compatibility: Only with Hub 2 (AJ-HUB2).
  • Sensor: Passive infrared sensor.
  • Detection angles: Horizontal 88.5 ° | Vertical 80 °.
  • Camera viewing angle: 90 °.
  • Alarm signal reception time: 0.15 seconds.
  • Photo verification: Photo reception time with default settings: up to 9 seconds.
  • Photo quality: up to 640 × 480.
  • Images in a series: 1-5 images.
  • IR backlight for night mode images: Available.
  • Sensitivity: 3 adjustable levels.
  • Recommended installation height: 2.4 m.
  • Power supply: Batteries: CR123A (x2) of 3V.
  • Battery life: up to 4 years (up to 2.5 if the Entry Delay setting is enabled).
  • Jeweler radio technology:
    • Communication range with detectors: up to 1,700 m in visual field.
    • Bilateral communication between devices: Operating frequencies: 868.0 to 868.6 MHz.
    • Self-adjusting radio frequency output power: up to 20mW.
    • Block encryption based on AES algorithm.
    • Detector polling period: 12,300 s.
    • Frequency hopping.
  • Wings radio technology: Transmission of visual alarm checks.
  • Temperature sensor: Available.
  • Operating temperature range: 0 °! at + 40 ° !.
  • Operating humidity: Up to 75%.
  • Tamper:
    • Protection against sabotage.
    • Notice of inhibition.
    • Resistant to manipulation.
  • Protection rating: IP50.
  • Dimensions: 135 × 70 × 60 mm.
  • Weight: 167 g.


Material included :

  • MotionCam motion detector.
  • SmartBracket mounting panel.
  • CR123A batteries x 2 (pre-installed).
  • Fast guide.


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AJAX MotionCam - Motion detector with camera to verify alarms

AJAX MotionCam - Motion detector with camera to verify alarms

Motion detector with camera to verify alarms. MotionCam detector requires Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus to function

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