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WiDom Energy Driven Switch version C



This module is the smallest device in its class, and the only device specifically designed to be used as a switch with a built-in wattmeter and as an energy meter.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus
Characteristic Consumption Measurement

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The WiDom Power Driven Switch monitors power consumption and measures the power of the electrical system or a single appliance. Therefore, not only does the contactor no longer trip, but you can know in advance if the washing machine, for example, is not working properly and consumes excessively. The Energy Driven Switch has the dual function of the Relay Switch, which is a smart switch with an integrated power meter, and the Energy Meter, which measures the energy produced and consumed. How does this translate into your daily life? With the Energy Driven Switch you can control the consumption of the whole house or of a single appliance or of all the appliances in each room, such as the washing machine or the refrigerator.

Widom Electrical Connection

This module is the smallest device in its class, and the only device specifically designed to be used as a switch with a built-in wattmeter and as a power meter, either at the entry point of your electrical system or in a part Available in Two versions, the S version with an internal shunt resistor and the C version, with an external current transformer, is capable of measuring loads of more than 10 KW. In addition to power measurements, the device also provides data for energy, voltage, current, and power factor.

Active management of energy savings.
The only device suitable for use with all types of Z-Wave controllers and capable of implementing an active user-defined power management policy based on your power consumption, or the amount of power produced by your solar power system. A specific load is automatically connected and disconnected if the threshold limit is exceeded.

Control and monitoring of use.
The energy consumed by a single appliance (for example, a refrigerator, a washing machine, etc.) measured by other devices involves local control of the appliance by means of a relay, which in turn needs to be continuously powered, thus producing unnecessary waste. The internal meter of this Widom module can be connected directly to the load, thus avoiding the relay contacts. This produces a considerable advantage in terms of energy savings and installation flexibility.

The same product can also be used to control the general use of the house. The highly accurate and fast calculation of power consumption allows specific threshold values to be set, which, when exceeded, can be programmed to warn the user or disconnect devices to restore proper consumption levels and avoid the disadvantages of turning on the main switch.

Control and monitoring of production.
This Widom module not only facilitates the measurement of the energy consumed, but also the energy generated. It is able to determine if the energy is supplied to the grid or extracted from it. For example, you can start the boiler when the level of energy supplied to the network exceeds a threshold value set by yourself.

Monitor all network settings
This Widom module provides bi-directional measurements of power and energy (produced / consumed). Power calculations are performed using an ad hoc chip built into the instrument, which provides more accurate measurements than those obtained with Z-Wave controllers that lack some of the measurement parameters provided by the controller. device.

Do you think there may be an increase in the network or that the supply voltage is below the prescribed minimum levels? Widom's Power Driven Switch is the only device that provides efficient readings for supply voltage and power factor, allowing you to perform the proper checks.

Management and prevention of electrical failures.
Is the refrigerator motor still running? Has the use of the washing machine increased excessively? Has your central heating not been on for a long time? Widom's Power Driven Switch Module allows you to detect irregular consumption and check specific usage times to identify faults or malfunctions to plan maintenance in a timely and efficient manner.

Intelligent opening / closing of the relay.
Have you ever had other switches and meters stop working due to a relay failure? Widom's Power Driven Switch Module has built-in software that, by taking advantage of accurate current and voltage measurements, is able to control the open / close position of the relay switch at the most appropriate time, corresponding to either zero current or zero voltage. In this way, the electrical voltage on the relay contacts is reduced, which prolongs the service life and prevents the contacts from sticking together due to the electric arc that forms in all traditional devices. lacking this innovative feature.

High load control
The device uses a relay with 16A contacts. By using the Shunt version, you can directly monitor and control loads up to 13A, while with the C version (with current clamp), using an external contactor, loads up to 45A can be handled.


Active management of energy savings.
Control and monitoring of use.
Z-Wave 500 Series
Control and monitoring of electricity production.
Monitoring of all parameters of the electrical network (power, energy, voltage, current, power factor)
Provides bi-directional metrics for power and energy (produced / consumed)
Management and prevention of electrical failures.
Reliable opening / closing of the relay
High load control
Low energy consumption
Software update
Version C, with current clamp


Power supply: 230 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum relay load: 3000 VA - 250VAC - 12.5 A
<260 mW in standby mode
<480 mW with a running load
Radio frequency: 868.4MHz
Radio range: up to 100m outdoors, 40m indoors
Measured parameters: RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, power factor, energy
Measuring range:
RMS voltage: 250V
RMS current: 45A
Active power: ± 11,250 W
Energy: 2,000,000 kWh
RMS voltage: 0.1V
RMS current: 0.01A
Active power: 0.01 W
Power factor: 0.01
Energy: 0.001 kWh
Maximum error:
Voltage (20: 1 dynamic range): ± 0.95%
Current (1000: 1 dynamic range): ± 2.9%
Active power (dynamic range 4000: 1):
PF = 1: ± 4%
PF = 0.8: ± 5.5%
Operating temperature: -10 to 40 ° C
Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 17 mm
IP protection: IP20
Certifications: CE, RoHS

wiDom made in the EU

Meets CE and ROHS Certifications


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WiDom Energy Driven Switch version C

WiDom Energy Driven Switch version C

This module is the smallest device in its class, and the only device specifically designed to be used as a switch with a built-in wattmeter and as an energy meter.

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