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WiDom Energy Driven Switch version S



This Z-Wave module is the smallest device in its class and the only one specifically designed to be used as a switch with an integrated wattmeter and as an energy meter.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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The WiDom power switch monitors power consumption and measures the power of the electrical system or a single appliance. In this way, the contactor is no longer disconnected, but it can be known in advance if the washing machine, for example, malfunctions and consumes too much. The energy switch has the dual function of a relay switch, that is, a smart switch with an integrated power meter, and that of an energy meter, which measures the energy produced and consumed. How does this translate into your daily life? With the Energy Driven Switch you can control the consumption of the whole house or of a single appliance or of all the appliances in each room, such as the washing machine or the refrigerator.

Control of energy consumption

Measurement of energy produced and consumed

Management and prevention of electrical faults

Easy installation

Version S:

Control individual appliances or electrical devices in individual rooms.
It has an internal shunt resistor.

Intelligent opening and closing of relays
Have you ever had other electrical switches and meters stop working due to a
Relay failure? The WiDom Energy Driven Switch integrates software that takes advantage of precise technology
current and voltage measurements are capable of controlling the switching of
opening / closing of the relay always at the most appropriate time, which will be
0 of current or voltage respectively. In this way, the electrical voltage across the contacts
is reduced to a minimum, ensuring a much longer service life,
prevent the contacts from jamming due to the electric arc that forms in all devices
they do not have this innovative functionality.
Control of heavy loads
The device uses a relay with 16A contacts. In the Shunt version you can monitor and
directly control loads up to 13A, in the coil version, by using a
external contactor, up to 45A.

WiDom Power Switch

The features that make it special.

"Monitoring network parameters

"Measurement of power, energy, voltage, current, power factor

"Control of heavy loads up to 13 A

"Smart switch and consumption meter in one module. Once a power threshold has been set, the equipment is switched on and off as needed.
"Management and prevention of electrical breakdowns. Recognizes abnormal consumption and the real time of use of the equipment
"Can you tell if you are feeding power to the grid or drawing it from it?

The smallest Z-Wave devices in the world
Our plug & play modules fit into any type of junction box and are easier to install.

WiDom modules are equipped with very precise functions for measuring power consumption.

They can be operated with buttons or switches, from computers, tablets or smartphones, depending on the needs of the moment.

An RGB LED provides visual information on its status and on the status of operations in progress. In this way, you always know if the device has been connected correctly, if it is included in the Z-Wave network and if it is working.

Long life
Zero crossing reduces the electrical voltage of the relay contacts and ensures a longer service life of the devices.

Protection and security
WiDom devices use an S2 security system, with advanced encryption, which provides advanced security features and eliminates the risk of hacking.

Savings - Low energy consumption
WiDom devices have the lowest power consumption among similar devices on the market.

Easy Installation - Simplified Inclusion and Exclusion
Z-Wave network inclusion / exclusion can be initiated not only by the controller, but also by the device with any sequence of clicks on the integrated button.

Easy installation - Test electrical connections
Before pairing the device with the help of the built-in button and LED, you can check whether the electrical connection has been made correctly

Multiclic recognition
Control of local load and associated devices independently of the recognition of the click sequence. For example, you can control local loads with a single click and associated devices with a double click.

Technical characteristics

Power supply: 230 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum relay load: 3000 VA - 250VAC - 12.5 A
Working temperature: -10 +40 ° C
Radio protocol: Wave Z 868.4 MHz
Maximum distance: up to 100m outdoors / up to 40m indoors
Dimensions: 37x37x17 mm
Power consumption: <260mW standby / <480mW with active load
Degree of protection: IP 20
Actuating element: Monostable relay
Compliance: CE, RoHS

Meter Features

Measurable parameters
RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Active Power, Power Factor, Energy

RMS voltage:
250 V

RMS current:
45 A - vers. C
12 A - vers. S

Active power:
± 11250 W - vers. C
± 3000 W - vers. S
Power factor: ± 1.00

2,000,000 kWh

Maximum error (within dynamic range)
Tension (20: 1 dynamic range):
± 0.95%

Current (dynamic range 1000: 1):
± 0.6% - vers. S
± 2.9% - vers. C

Active power (dynamic range 4000: 1):
± 1.6% - vers. S
PF = 1: ± 4% - vers. C
PF = 0.8: ± (5.5%) - vers. C

Other specs
Software update - You can update device firmware "Over the Air" in complete autonomy without removing the devices from their headquarters.

wiDom made in the EU

Meets CE and ROHS Certifications


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WiDom Energy Driven Switch version S

WiDom Energy Driven Switch version S

This Z-Wave module is the smallest device in its class and the only one specifically designed to be used as a switch with an integrated wattmeter and as an energy meter.

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