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Everspring foco led exterior de 20W con detector de movimiento Z-Wave View larger

Everspring 20W outdoor led spotlight with Z-Wave motion detector



This slim design projector with Z-Wave PIR detector is a compact fully automatic security projector.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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Small but powerful, this slim projector with PIR detector is a compact, fully automatic security projector. Its aesthetic design makes it suitable for installation in the front areas of the house that are usually occupied by conventional lights and lamps.

When connected to the Z-Wave controller, the user can remotely turn the projector or LED spotlight on and off and be notified when the PIR detector detects motion.

This product supports the S2 security protocol, which uses encrypted Z-Wave Plus messages to communicate with other secure Z-Wave Plus products. A Z-Wave Plus secure controller must be used to fully utilize the safety features of this product.

Let's say that it can be considered a Z-Wave Plus sensor + actuator to be turned on by Z-Wave home automation and used as an external presence sensor, powered, without batteries and that


LED floodlight with Z-Wave motion detector
Two-way wireless communication
Integrates the S2 security protocol
Autoinclusion with the Z-Wave Controller
IP44 protection for outdoor use
Adjustable timer and brightness threshold
Rotating lens angle
Test mode for easy outdoor installation


Power supply: 100V - 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption: 20W
Luminous flux: 1500 lm
Color temperature: 5000K, cool white
CRI: g70
Illumination angle:> 90 °.
Frequency: 868.42 Mhz
Range: up to 100m in open field
PIR coverage angle: 110 ° at 8m, height 2.4m
Sensor angle adjustment:
Horizontal: 60 °.
Up to 30 ° left
Up to 30 ° to the right
Brightness regulation: 30 - 200 lux
Timer setting: 8 ± 5 seconds - 12 ± 4 minutes
Weight: 830g
Dimensions: 201 x 196 x 88.8 mm
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 45 ° C
Humidity: 95% RH max.
Electrical classification: CLASS II

Extended Z-Wave info

Name: Z-Wave Floodlight with Motion Detector
Z-Wave Certification Number:ZC10-18056122
Hardware Plattform:SD3502
Role Type:Always On Slave
Short Description:Z-Wave Floodlight with Motion Detector
Description:The EH403 is an outdoor security floodlight equipped with Z-Wave wireless communication capability. It features a PIR detector to detect motion through movement of heat sources and a lux sensor for determining brightness of its surroundings. When not connected to a Z-Wave network, EH403 is fully operational as a standalone security floodlight. During hours of darkness its PIR detector turns on the 20W floodlight when it detects movement in the protected area. Its built-in timer will then turn off the floodlight after a preset time has elapsed. During daylight hours, its lux sensor saves energy by deactivating the motion sensor and the floodlight. The lux level and the timer can be set through knobs on the device itself. When added into a Z-Wave network, EH403 communicates directly with other end devices such as smart plugs, or to report directly to a Z-Wave controller (usually a gateway). It alerts the controller when motion is detected and through Z-Wave commands, the controller can remotely turn on/off the floodlight at any time and be able to configure its lux level and timer setting. This product supports the S2 security protocol that uses encrypted Z-Wave Plus messages to communicate to other security-enabled Z-Wave Plus products. A security-enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller must be used in order to fully utilize the security features of this product.

Manual download HERE.

Max Nodes
Command Class: -Device Reset Locally Notification -Notification Report -Binary Report -Sensor Multilevel Report Group Name: Lifeline
Command Class: -Basic Set Group Name: PIR Control
Size (Bytes)
Default Value
PIR Trigger Off period
Period to send Trigger Off command after PIR is triggered. Before this period expires, the PIR will not be able to detect any subsequent motion.
Lux sensor threshold
Lux level to activate the PIR. When the lux level falls below this threshold and the PIR gets triggered, the unit emits a Basic Set Command (Valus=0Xff) and turns on its floodlight. This overwrites the Lux level set by the Lux knob.
Lux auto report
Period to report Lux value.
Association Group Info
Association V2
Device Reset Locally
Firmware Update Meta-Data V4
Manufacturer Specific V2
Notification V4
Security S0
Security S2
Sensor Multilevel V5
Switch Binary
Transport Service V2
Version V2
Z-Wave Plus Info V2
1. Put the Z-Wave Controller into exclusion mode.

2. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into exclusion mode.
Factory Reset
1. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into exclusion mode

2. Within 1 second of step 1, press the tamper switch again and hold until LED is off (about 5 seconds).

3. Node ID is excluded. The device reverts to factory default state and will be in auto-inclusion mode for 4 minutes.

4. Please use this procedure only when the network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable
Auto Inclusion

The unit supports Auto Inclusion feature where it will automatically enter Inclusion mode when first powered up after a factory reset.

1. Prepare the Z-Wave controller.

2. Plug the cable plug to the wall socket to power up the unit.

3. The Link LED will start to blink slowly with 2-second on, 2-second off (for 2 minutes) which shows the unit does not be paired.

4. Within 30 seconds, put the Z-Wave Controller into inclusion mode.

5. The Inclusion process should be completed when the Link LED stops blinking.

Note: If you are connecting this unit to a Z-Wave Controller that utilizes the S2 security protocol, you may be asked by your controller to enter a 5-digit Device Specific Key (DSK) that is unique to each unit. This can be found in one of two places:

- on the QR code label on the back of the unit

- on the insert card inside the packaging.

6. Turn on the floodlight using the controller to check if the auto inclusion is working properly.

Manual Inclusion

1. Prepare the Z-Wave controller.

2. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into inclusion mode.
S2 Authenticated
S2 Unauthenticated
Sensor types supported by the product.
If the product is only available in one color, pick the color from the list.
IP (Ingress Protection) Rated
Product is suitable for Outdoor use and is waterproof under an IP (Ingress Protection) rating system.
Outdoor Use
Product is suitable for use outdoors.
Supported Notification Types
Select the Notification Types that the product handles (controllers), or sends (slaves).



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Everspring 20W outdoor led spotlight with Z-Wave motion detector

Everspring 20W outdoor led spotlight with Z-Wave motion detector

This slim design projector with Z-Wave PIR detector is a compact fully automatic security projector.


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