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Fibaro Intercom Connected Video Door Phone



The FIBARO Intercom is a smart, elegant and multifunctional solution for those who still want to know who is at the door and what is happening in the house.

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Technical characteristics

Wi-Fi Si
Bluetooth Si - Bluetooth BLE 4.0

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Product information "Fibaro Intercom"

The FIBARO Intercom is a smart, elegant and multifunctional solution for those who still want to know who is at the door and what is happening in the house. The device allows you to receive calls from visitors not only when you are at home, but also when you are not there. A screen, with an ultra-wide 180-degree view, allows you to see a detailed description of all the devices installed in and around the house.

The FIBARO Intercom also allows visitors to leave video messages, when we can not talk to them, it will be recorded in high resolution, Full HD, on a memory card. The device also has night mode, which is activated automatically after dark and allows you to clearly see who the unexpected night guests are.

The FIBARO Intercom is also infallible if you forget the keys to your apartment. It will allow you to open the door using the application, bringing the Bluetooth-equipped phone closer to the device or entering a preset PIN.

High performance technology

The FIBARO intercom is solid and reliable. With its advanced technology, its features do not exist anywhere else in other devices.

Fibaro Intercom Spain

Suitable for your home

The FIBARO Intercom offers many connection options to meet your needs. You can install the device using WiFi or an Ethernet cable.

Panoramic view

The FIBARO intercom has a built-in wide-angle fisheye lens. You can observe the complete panorama of your environment. Thanks to Dewarping technology, objects are not deformed in any way.

Superior visibility even at night

At the end of the afternoon, the fireplace burns, the house is silent ... and suddenly the doorbell rings. With the FIBARO Intercom, you know exactly who your visitor is. The unit has an IR LED that illuminates the environment when it is dark outside, providing excellent visibility.

Fibaro Intercom - VideoGate

Exceptional sound quality

The FIBARO Intercom is equipped with a loudspeaker and two directional microphones with noise reduction, which guarantees excellent sound quality. More difficulties to listen to your visitors: the voices are clear, both yours and theirs.

The magic of your voice

The FIBARO Intercom will learn and recognize the individual tone of your voice. In this way, you will open the door to the most supervised places in your home.

Global access

Install the FIBARO Intercom and take your vacation home. All you need is the phone and the application. With these two things, you have access to recording events. You can talk to each visitor at the front door or at the door. You know when your gardener has entered a PIN or can remotely open the door to your neighbor who came to water the flowers.

Comfort and comfort Fibaro Intercom

Fibaro intercom application

The dedicated application allows you to control what is happening in front of your house at the particular time. It allows you to remotely manage the entrance of your home and allows you to configure the functions of your FIBARO Intercom to meet your needs.

Application for your loved ones

Each member of your family can install a dedicated FIBARO Intercom application on their mobile devices. If some of them have access to the phone, they can talk or open the door remotely.

Preview automatic door phone with the mobile

Live preview

You can see your home from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. That way, you know who is eating sweets or if the animal is lying on the couch, despite the ban. You will see a general description of all devices installed in the home and outdoors on a screen. Nothing will escape your attention!


The FIBARO Intercom stores and saves messages. When you are not at home, your guest can leave important information that can be played at any time.

Viewing the records

Sometimes you wonder what happens on your property when you are at work. With FIBARO Intercom, you know what happens outside your door. Your device saves the data that you can read at any time. In addition, if your FIBARO intercom detects a movement, you will receive a notification on your phone or an image of the event by email.

Opening ... your door

Until now, when you want to open the door, use the key, the code or the doorbell. The intercom of FIBARO expands the possibilities; you want to open the door: use the application, get closer to the device, use the voice command * or ...

Fibaro Intercom Spain

... Enter your PIN

The PIN code entry function of the Intercom Fibaro is unique and not punctual in other devices. Simply turn the Intercom dial to enter a 4-digit number and the door or door will open.

Unique code

You can give a unique PIN to your parents, gardener, housekeeper or personal trainer. You decide who and when you can enter your home.

Home Sweet Home

Imagine arriving home, the alarm is disarmed, the light in the hallway and the kitchen is on, and the music is on. All at once, in an instant. Your Fibaro intercom is integrated with the FIBARO system. You simply control the house to which you return with more desire.

Your safe home

By integrating your intercom with the FIBARO system, you will receive a notification on your phone. You know when your children have returned home safely.

Anti-theft protection

Your FIBARO intercom is safe. The device has an integrated tamper detector. Any attempted robbery will be recorded. Your FIBARO intercom can take a picture of the intruder and send it to you by email.

Your safe home

You feel more relaxed with your home with the FIBARO intercom. When your device has an unwanted movement or an incorrect PIN entry, you will be notified immediately. In addition, the FIBARO system will activate an alarm or event in your home.

Integration with a surveillance system

You can connect your FIBARO Intercom to your video recording system. The camera will become another surveillance camera capable of recording and reading events intelligently. FIBARO Intercom, while working with known and respected corporate network servers such as Synology or Qnap, allows you to maintain event logs at the same time. That way, you can feel safe at home and away.

NAS Fibaro

Professional installation

The installation of FIBARO Intercom involves several steps. Specialized and highly qualified installers will help you install the unit. They will also connect the entire FIBARO system if desired.


Video Automatic doorman
Two-door control (two relay outputs)
Full HD resolution (1080p / 30fps)
A wide-angle lens (180 degrees)
Infrared illumination (perfect visibility after nightfall)
A microphone with noise reduction
Proximity to BlueTooth
Opening with a PIN code
Installation via WiFi or Ethernet
Events stored and saved securely on the SD card and in the cloud (available soon)
Event notifications
Light block
Voice biometrics (available soon)


Power supply: 12V DC and / or 48V PoE
DC Power Configuration: 12 V +/- 10%, 1 A LPS
Parameters PoE (PSE): 36-57V, 350mA (802.3af, class 0)
Power consumption: up to 5W
Communication protocols: Ethernet 10 / 100BASE-TX, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n 2.4 / 5 GHz, low consumption of Bluetooth®
Ethernet cable category: CAT-5e
Operating temperature: -30 ° C - 40 ° C
Protection class IP: IP54
External dimensions (part of the ring on the wall): 85 mm x 37 mm
Dimensions of the installation hole (diameter x depth): 65 mm x 75 mm
Weight: 420g

Link to the complete manual:


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Fibaro Intercom Connected Video Door Phone

Fibaro Intercom Connected Video Door Phone

The FIBARO Intercom is a smart, elegant and multifunctional solution for those who still want to know who is at the door and what is happening in the house.

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