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Google Nest Thermostat E - smart wifi thermostat



With the Google Nest smart wifi thermostat , Model E, version for Spain, you will save energy thanks to its presence detector, which will turn off the heating when no one is home.

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Technical characteristics

Wi-Fi Si

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You can control the heating from anywhere and at any time using the Google Nest app. Change the temperature of your home from the office, from the mountain or from the beach thanks to the remote control through your Smartphone, Tablet or laptop. 

All family members will be able to use the Nest APP.

Check how much energy you are saving and see how you could save even more.

Choose which rooms are a priority for the Google Nest Thermostat E

With the temperature sensor , your baby's room or living room can take priority (sold separately). 

Discover the Google Nest Thermostat E wifi thermostat

A simple way to get the connected home and a smarthome experience .

Now there is a suitable Nest thermostat for every home. Nest Thermostat E is easy to install and control, and it comes equipped with the proven energy-saving features that Nest thermostats are known for.

Thanks to the Google Nest Thermostat E , saving energy has never been easier.

  • It is easy to control. Your customers can change the temperature with the Nest app.
  • Facilitates savings. It comes equipped with Nest's proven energy-saving features.
  • It can be placed anywhere. Nest Thermostat E has a built-in stand and plug so you can put it on a shelf or desk.
  • It is easy to install. You just have to replace the thermostat that you already have installed with the Heat Link E device (included), which connects to the boiler.
  • Voice control. You just have to ask a device that includes the Google Assistant to turn the heat up or down or to tell you the temperature in the house.
  • Simple design. The matte lampshade blends into the decor of any home.
  • Compatibility. Google Nest Thermostat E is compatible with most central heating systems.

What defines a Nest thermostat?

It has a design that goes well with everything and is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature and help you save energy.

Differences between Google Nest Thermostat 3rd generation and Google Nest Thermostat E

Google Nest Thermostat E Google Nest Learning Thermostat
Can be controlled from anywhere with the Nest app
Proven energy saving functions
Lower the heat when it detects that you have left the house
Include a simple schedule
Can be placed anywhere with the stand Integrated Sold separately
Can be installed on the wall
Matte screen blends into the environment
High resolution color display
The Far View feature shows the time, temperature and the weather
The thermostat is offered with the metal ring in different colors
Works with most central heating systems

Google Nest Thermostat E

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Google Nest Thermostat E : 


  • 24-bit color LCD 
  • 320 x 320 resolution at 182 pixels  per inch 
  • 4.5 cm di Subway 

Google Nest Thermostat E compatibility

Thermostat E Nest works with 85% of the sistem to cold and heat s 24V, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pumps, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal. 

Heating and cooling

  • Heating and cooling: 1 stage of heating (W1) and cooling (Y1) and a second stage of heating (W2) or cooling (Y2). 
  • Heat pump: with auxiliary and emergency heat (O / B, AUX ) 
  • Fan (G) 
  • Power (C, Rh or Rc )

The Nest Thermostat E is designed to work even if your home does not have a common wire (C), but it may be necessary to install a new C wire. 

If you have a dual fuel system, we highly recommend a professional installation. 

Sensor e s of Google Nest Thermostat E

  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Proximity / Occupation   
  • Ambient Light


  • Drums  rechargeable  integrated  Lithium

Google Nest Thermostat E Power Consumption

  • Less than 1 kWh / month 

Google Nest Thermostat E connectivity requirements

  • Wi- Fi internet connection   
  • Smartphone or Tablet with iOS or Android operating systems 
  • Nest app 


  • 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz, 802.11a / n 5GHz 
  • 802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz 
  • Bluetooth (low energy) 
  • Certificates 
  • UL 60730-1, Standard for Safety of Automatic Controls 
  • UL 60730-2-9, Particular Requirements for Temperature Sensing Controls 
  • Box contents 
  • Screen 
  • Base 
  • Optional adjusting plate 
  • Mounting screws and labels 
  • Installation guide 
  • Installation card Pro 

Other data

Height 2.89cm
Weight 139g
Diameter 8.1cm


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Google Nest Thermostat E - smart wifi thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat E - smart wifi thermostat

With the Google Nest smart wifi thermostat , Model E, version for Spain, you will save energy thanks to its presence detector, which will turn off the heating when no one is home.


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