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Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) color Chalk



2nd Gen Nest Hub helps you have all your entertainment in one place and control your compatible connected devices with a single touch, or with a voice command. Version in charcoal color.

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Meet the second-generation Nest Hub, the Google companion that helps you every day. With Nest Hub in your kitchen, cook dinner while watching NeÉlix, Disney + or YouTube. Ask Google to show you the recipes and have your hands free to cook. Listen to music on a quality speaker through YouTube Music, Spotify, and other services. In the living room, control lights, televisions and other compatible connected devices with a single touch, or with voice commands. On your nightstand, Nest Hub helps you unwind at night with soothing sounds and wake you up in the morning with the Sunrise Simulator alarm clock. It can even help you sleep better with sleep tracking.

Life is better with music
Listen to songs, podcasts, and audiobooks on YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming services. Enjoy quality sound with 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub. Identify what is playing and explore your playlists. Touch the screen or say "Hey Google" to play, pause, skip, or control the volume. Finally, group your other Nest screens and speakers to play music anywhere in your home.

A wide range of videos
Just ask Google to stream your favorite Netflix, YouTube, and Disney + movies and TV shows. Follow the most important news and sports on YouTube, as well as all kinds of video tutorials. Touch the screen to control playback and adjust volume, or use voice commands.

The control center of your home
All your connected devices are displayed on your Nest Hub, so you can control them with a simple touch. You can also simply ask Google questions. With its built-in microphone, Nest Hub hears you better than ever.

Know what's going on in your home and who is there
Just say "Hey Google, show me the front door camera" and you'll see live images from your Nest Cam. When you listen to the Nest video doorbell, a quick glance at the Nest Hub screen lets you know who is there.

Waking up smoothly
Nest Hub's Sunrise Simulator alarm clock lets you wake up gently. The Nest Hub display gradually brightens as the alarm clock volume increases. With the gesture controls, you can simply wave your hand to stop an alarm and repeat it later.

Relax easily
The "Your Night" page helps you relax and prepare for the next day. Fall asleep to a countdown timer and soothing sounds. Turn off the lights, set the alarm, and check your schedule for the morning ahead.

Easily monitor the quality of your sleep
If you set up the Nest Hub on your bedside table, you can use the sleep tracking feature to see what time you go to bed, what time you get up and how long you sleep. Sleep tracking uses Motion Sense to detect movement and breath, without the need for a camera. As you sleep, it remembers your sleep cycles and can provide you with personalized information and recommendations to help you sleep better.

Enjoy the day ahead
Nest Hub helps your family organize their activities throughout the day. Ask Google to set reminders, timers, and alarms. With Voice Match, all family members can see and hear their own schedules, commute information, reminders, and even favorite playlists.

Voice activated assistance
Do you want to know the weather, the news, the sports results or anything else? Ask your question to Google and get an answer instantly.

Stay in touch with your loved ones
Nest Hub works with all your Nest displays and speakers, so they're all on the same page. Broadcast messages around the house, either to the table or to the door, chat from room to room, and make audio calls with Google Duo.

The perfect digital photo frame
When you're not using your Nest Hub, it automatically displays your best Google photos. The screen brightness is adjusted to the ambient lighting, so the colors in your photos are neither too bright nor too dark.

Control your device with a wave of your hand
Many of the Nest Hub's functions can be controlled using gesture commands. You can start or pause a song or video, snooze an alarm, or stop a timer. Gesture controls use Motion Sense to detect your hand movements, without the need for a camera.

Nest Hub respects your privacy
You can turn off the microphone at any time with the button provided for this. You can also easily clear your Google Assistant history if you want.

Elegant design
With its simple design and understated colors, your Nest Hub fits into any room in your home. It is made with 54% recycled plastic, so it is respectful with the environment.


7 "LCD touch screen.
Integrated Google Assistant and Chromecast
Ask Google your questions: weather, traffic, news, sports, etc.
Stream and control your music with a simple voice command
Manage your daily tasks: appointments, alarm, timer, shopping list, etc.
Multi-room audio for excellent sound quality
Three microphones for long-range speech recognition
Ambient EQ sensor for adaptation of ambient light
Wireless design: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth
Control your connected devices with a single touch
Fall asleep to soothing sounds
Wake up gently with the sunrise simulator alarm clock
Show your best photos
Designed to protect your privacy
Monitor your sleep with the Sleep Tracker function
Compatible with Android and iOS


Color: Charcoal
Height: 120.4 mm
Width: 177.4 cm
Depth: 69.5 cm
Power cord: 1.5m
Weight: 558g
Screen: 7 inch touch screen (1024 x 600 pixels)
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
Bluetooth® 5.0
802.15.4 thread (at 2.4 GHz) - functionality not yet available
Speaker: Full-range speaker with 43.5mm driver
3 long-range microphones
Button to turn off the microphones
The technology:
Integrated Google Assistant
Voice Match Technology
Ultrasonic detection
Soli sensor for motion detection
Ambient brightness sensor EQ
Temperature sensor
Power: 15W adapter
Ports and connectors: DC socket
1.9 GHz 64-bit ARM Quad Core Processor
High-performance hardware engine based on machine learning
Sustainability: 54% recycled plastic enclosure.


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Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) color Chalk

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation) color Chalk

2nd Gen Nest Hub helps you have all your entertainment in one place and control your compatible connected devices with a single touch, or with a voice command. Version in charcoal color.

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