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AJAX StarterKit professional alarm in starter kit


StarterKit includes the essential equipment for intrusion detection: the opening detector, the motion detector, the remote with a panic button and the central hub to control this system. They will detect intruders and send you and your security company an alarm notification instantly.

Ajax Ethernet and 2G

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  • Professional-class alarm kit, but without fees
  • Grade 2 Certificate (possibility of connection to CRA)
  • Ethernet and GPRS communication
  • 868 MHz Jeweler Wireless System
  • Up to 100 wireless inputs
  • Mobile App and PC Software

Receiving station

The hub manages all devices within the system to notify you and your security company in the event of a threat. The ReX radio signal repeater extends the boundaries of the protected area. It enables the integration of the Ajax system in large production plants, multi-story offices and farms.

Home security

The detectors immediately identify threats: opening doors, breaking windows and the presence of intruders on the premises.
  • They use wireless connection
  • Runs for 5 to 7 years with pre-installed batteries
  • They ignore pets

Operating principle

Detector sensors sense human presence and the opening of windows or doors. The central unit (Hub) sends the alarm notification to the Alarm Receiving Center (CRA) and to the smartphone of the owner of the security system.


The functions of the starter kit can be expanded by connecting fire detectors, flood detectors, automation devices and video surveillance cameras.

Installation and configuration

The device installs in 30 minutes. The detectors are connected and activated using the mobile application and are installed in the SmartBracket bracket that is included in the kit.

AJAX alarm in general:

Advanced anti-intrusion technology, to have the safest and most effective security system for you

Ajax is a state-of-the-art wireless intrusion alarm system. The Ajax wireless alarm system has everything you need to protect your HOME or BUSINESS.

VERY advanced technology sensors control interior movement, while the alarm center connects them with the outside world.

A wide variety of powerful wireless devices are available in the AJAX system, complementing the protection of our Starter Kits with multiple options.

Why AJAX when you want only security?

Ajax is a really safe alarm: all data is encrypted with maximum security , so the security of the system is guaranteed in its encryption.

Intelligent intrusion detection

FirstStepDetection technology notifies you of any intruder instantly.

Power outages

A backup battery allows the system to continue working before possible power outages.

Detector operation test

The frequent tests carried out by the system allow you to quickly know if a device has stopped responding

Hybrid connection

In the event of router or internet failure, the backup GSM signal will promptly notify your mobile.

Anti frequency inhibitor system

Faced with a possible frequency inhibition, the system will choose another unaffected frequency.

Test Server

Instant notification of any connectivity problem with the server.

Anti sabotage devices

the sensors that try to be sabotaged will activate the alarm signal to the control panel.

Central Alarm without Ajax fees

Manufactured with the highest quality components, technology and the best features

The AJAX No Fee Alarm has been carefully designed with the best components available and combined in a slim and elegant body.

This enables Ajax to deliver unsurpassed quality in terms of performance and security.

Latest generation wireless communication technology.
The wireless communication technology of the AJAX alarm system is highly reliable, connects detectors and devices up to 2,000 meters away, in open spaces, from the control panel, and performs tests at 12 second intervals to monitor the status of your system.

The signal is protected by encryption and rolling code authentication. Ajax will change the frequency and notify you in case of signal failure. Even in the event of a network failure, the system will keep you up to date using its DeliverAnyway algorithm.

High Reliability against false alarms

Two-Factor Glass Break Detection System prevents false alarms from music, TV, transportation noises and other vibrations that can generate false alarms

Digital analysis records temperature and filters out false alarms from dust and glare thanks to the use of Excelitas optical components

There is no worse alarm system than one that generates false positives in alarms. The Ajax alarm center avoids this by adjusting its technology taking into account behavioral factors in everyday life to prevent false alarms.

Smart Detect technology is capable of detecting alarms based on images. filtering thermal noise from drafts and air conditioning systems. The FresnelTech optical component, made with POLY IR4 and an Excelitas pyro-sensor system, eliminates false alarms due to glare and electromagnetic interference.

Always connected even with bad internet connections

We know that high speed internet connection can be poor in some places. That is why the Ajax alarm system guarantees the security and control of the system, even in the most remote locations with very bad connections.

Our IoT protocol is very compact and operates at a GPRS speed of only 0.5 kbit / sec.

Up to 7 years of battery life

The Ajax system has been developed with energy efficiency in mind, as changing batteries can require tedious effort and is often overlooked.

To avoid compromised safety, we select a circuit design, software, and components that allow you to put battery life aside.

Remote connection from different devices

Ajax will send notifications of changes and system status to all authorized users.

In addition, remote configuration is possible from anywhere in the world, through PC, tablet or smartphone,

Easy, professional-level installation in 15 minutes.
Ajax detectors are ready to install.
We prepare interactive step-by-step tutorials to facilitate installation and customization.

SmartPlacement technology will pick the perfect spot to place detectors, and SmartBracket mounts allow for professional-quality installation in minutes.

Ajax BASIC professional alarm kit

AJAX Professional Intrusion Alarm System Kit with Two-way Wireless Communication

Complete wireless alarm system for professional installations in both residential and commercial areas. Communication is done via Ethernet and / or GPRS. The supervised bidirectional link of the detectors and accessories is carried out by radio frequency following its own protocol, Jeweler, in the 868 MHz band, obtaining the Kit devices the Grade 2 certification.

The wireless link achieves high reliability thanks to its advanced Jeweler protocol with high-security AES encryption. The exclusive instantaneous and intelligent supervision system detects the inhibition of the signal identifying a certain time of inactivity and at the same time allows to reduce the maintenance costs since it manages to considerably extend the life of the batteries of the detectors without compromising safety. The wireless signal is capable of covering distances of up to 2 km in open space. It also includes functions to facilitate installation, such as the intelligent bracket (Smart-Bracket) or the simple linking of the detectors to the alarm system.

It allows up to 100 wireless zones, allowing the possibility of grouping said devices into up to 9 different groups, on which the different actions of arming, partial arming, and disarming can be carried out. These Ajax wireless devices have different possible configurations such as 24 hour zone, zone with entry or exit delay ...

The AJ-HUB-W panel has an AC 110-250 V power input and also a rechargeable backup battery with a duration of up to 15 hours.

Ethernet communication is its main advantage for remote access, both for the user and for the installer, since it allows its connection through the AJAX PRO Desktop PC software and the mobile applications for iOS and Android Ajax Security Systems (end user ) and AJAX PRO: Tool for Engineers (professionals). Through these applications it is possible to configure the entire system, manage users and their permissions, add devices, group them in rooms and modify their configurations. The use of the cloud is compatible with dynamic IP without the need to open ports. Ajax user will enjoy multiple benefits, as he will be able to receive reliable and instant notifications in both desktop software and mobile applications.

As an additional complement to the Ajax alarm system, up to 10 IP cameras or video recorder channels can be added from the mobile application in order to verify the video stream live.

The kit includes the Ajax Hub AJ-HUB-W control panel, an AJ-DOORPROTECT-W magnetic contact, an AJ-MOTIONPROTECT-W motion detector and an AJ-SPACECONTROL-W remote control.

Ajax alarm without fees

Technical specifications

Control Panel

Brand AJAX
Degree of security Grade 2
RF frequency 868 MHz. Jeweler Protocol
Internal security Anti-opening tamper
Internal siren Does not have
Communication Ethernet / GPRS
Maximum devices 100
Number of users Up to 10
Cover material ABS plastic
Feeding AC 110 ~ 250 V, 50/60 Hz
Temp. functioning 0º C ~ 50º C
Dimensions 163 (H) x 163 (W) x 36 (W) mm

Magnetic contact

Degree of security Grade 2
Transmission distance d 2000 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Battery 1 CR123A 3.0 V battery (approximate duration 7 years)
Cover material ABS plastic
Dimensions 90 mm (Fo) x 20 (Ø) mm

PIR detector

Technology Volumetric PIR
Degree of security Grade 2
PIR lens 24 zones and 6 planes
Detection field 12 m / H: 88.5º / V: 80º / Installation 2.4 m
Pet immunity d 20 kg, d 50 cm
Frequency 868 MHz
Transmission distance d 2000 m (in open space)
Masking Does not have
Sensitivity Adjustable. 3 levels (low, medium and high)
Indication LEDs Alarm, tamper, signal
Battery 1 CR123A 3.0 V battery (approximate duration 7 years)
Temp. functioning 0ºC ~ 50ºC
Cover material ABS plastic
Dimensions (without stand) 110 (H) x 65 (W) x 50 (Fo) mm

Remote control

Feeding 1 x CR2032 3V battery
Transmission distance d 1000 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Battery 1 CR123A 3.0 V battery (approximate duration 5 years)
Temp. functioning -20º C ~ 50º C
Cover material ABS plastic
Dimensions 65 (H) x 37 (W) x 10 (Fo) mm

KIT content

  • Control Panel
  • Magnetic contact AJ-DOORPROTECT-W
  • Remote control AJ-SPACECONTROL-W
  • Instructions for use



Facil y sencilla

Alarma sin cuotas facil de instalar y configurar. Me llego en 2 dias. Bien en general.

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AJAX StarterKit professional alarm in starter kit

AJAX StarterKit professional alarm in starter kit

StarterKit includes the essential equipment for intrusion detection: the opening detector, the motion detector, the remote with a panic button and the central hub to control this system. They will detect intruders and send you and your security company an alarm notification instantly.

Ajax Ethernet and 2G

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