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Bed presence detection mat



PVC pressure pad valid as safety switch

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Pressure mat, 4-wire outlet

Base pressure pad based safety switch made of welded black PVC. 16 / 0.2mm black PVC sheathed cable outlets, 300mm long. Two wires make up the SPST N / A circuit, while two other wires form a continuous loop. The switch circuit pair has 5mm tipped ends.

This small pressure pad is recommended for use under mattresses, mats, rugs, or stair rugs and is also suitable for use under rugs adjacent to doors and windows.

Normally open
25 kg actuation pressure in 50 mm 2
Maximum switching voltage 25 Vdc
Maximum switching current 0.25 amps dc (resistive)
Transport current max. 0.25 amp dc (resistive)
Maximum power 10 W / VA
Protection index IP64 (not waterproof)
Contact resistance: 1 ohm (typical)
Operating temperature, -10 to +70 ° C
Seam welded PVC material
Black PVC insulated cable 0.22mm 2


Not for use in machine control safety applications.


Attribute Value
Activation type Push pad switch
Mounting type Surface mount
Switch configuration Normally open


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Bed presence detection mat

Bed presence detection mat

PVC pressure pad valid as safety switch

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