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AJAX Socket - Socket for automation with AJAX control panels


Wireless smart plug with power monitor for exclusive use with AJAX control panels.

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  • Turn on / off devices with a remote via the app
  • Monitor electrical energy consumption
  • Protect devices against overloads and short circuits

Everything is ready for you when you get home

You will return home to enjoy a comfortable climate and a welcoming atmosphere all year round. Turn on your heating appliances during the winter and the air conditioning during the summer. Turn on your humidifier and heat the water for your bath. With just a few taps on the app, on your way home.

Worry no more if you forget an iron on

When leaving your home, close the door and arm the system. All dangerous and energy-intensive appliances will automatically shut down - the water heater, TV, and computer will no longer work if not in use, resulting in huge utility bills.

Maximum comfort and convenience

No more hassles and worries. The Socket turns on the kettle and restarts the router without you having to leave your couch. Activate night mode before going to bed and, as if by magic, the lights in the house and appliances will turn off.

Does not block adjacent plugs

We have made the Socket as compact and versatile as possible. It is compatible with EU plugs, multiple plugs and multiple thieves. Meanwhile, this does not block adjacent plugs.

  • Suitable for connecting any household appliance
  • Compatible with EU type F plugs

Identify latent energy consumption

The Socket informs you of the devices that consume the most power. As soon as an appliance starts to consume electricity, the LED ring on the Socket changes color in real time.

Socket consumes less than 1W in standby mode

Ensures maximum communication range between smart plugs

The Socket can do more than other normal wifi connectors. The device uses long-range Jeweler radio technology, which maintains stable communication in large homes and offices.

Meets electrical safety standards

The Socket meets the standards for electrical appliances, ensuring your safety. Every smart plug is rigorously tested for quality of materials, the effect of overheating, and the ability to work under load for long periods of time.

Protect the curious little ones

Special hatches inside the Socket protect your children and prevent them from inserting screwdrivers, pencils and nails. They also keep out dust and protect against splashes.

Extends the life of home appliances and electronic devices

The Socket prevents the failure of the devices due to problems in the electrical network. The smart plug automatically interrupts the power supply to electronic appliances and devices in the event of low and overvoltage.
  • Immediate notification of power interruption via SMS and push notifications
  • Operation resumes automatically when electrical power returns to normal

Setup in seconds

Setting up the Socket is simple: after a few taps on the mobile app, you can insert the smart plug into an outlet. The plug ring lights up when it is ready to go.

Technical specifications:

Classification: Relay with radio channel

Device Type: Wireless

Installation method: In the outlet

Compatibility: Only works with Hub, Hub Plus and ReX

Trigger element: Relay

External power supply type and voltage: 230 V ± 10% AC 50 Hz

Voltage protection for 230 V networks: Yes, 184 253 V

Relay lifetime: 200,000 activations

Maximum charge current: 11 A (continuous), 13 A (up to 5 s)

Maximum current protection: Yes, 11 A if protection is enabled, up to 13 A if protection is disabled

Maximum temperature protection: Yes, + 85 ° !. The plug turns off automatically if the temperature is exceeded

Protection against electric shock: Class I (with grounding terminal)

Electric energy meter function: Available

Control of energy consumption parameters: Current, voltage, energy consumption

Alarm signal reception time: 0.15 s

Charging indicator: Available

Output power (resistive load at 230 V): Up to 3 kÅW

Average device power consumption in standby mode: Less than 1 W

Jeweler radio technology:

Communication range with the central unit up to 1000 m in open spaces
Two-way communication between devices
Operating Frequencies 868.0-868.6 MHz
Self-adjusting radio frequency output power up to 25mW
Block encryption based on AESm algorithm
Detector scan period 12-300s

Read more about Jeweler>

Operating temperature range: 0 °! at + 64 °!

Allowable humidity: Up to 75%

Enclosure protection rating: IP20

Tamper: Tamper Protection / Inhibition Detection

Remote setup and testing: +

Dimensions: 65.5 E 45 E 45 mm

Weight: 58g

Warranty: Repair and replacement up to 24 months after the date of purchase.


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AJAX Socket - Socket for automation with AJAX control panels

AJAX Socket - Socket for automation with AJAX control panels

Wireless smart plug with power monitor for exclusive use with AJAX control panels.

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