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DOORBIRD D2101KV - Embedded IP video door phone with keypad for code opening



Doorbird is an IP-connected video door phone that allows you to never miss a visitor from your home or from anywhere in the world and integrates RFID and a code keypad built into this model D2101KV.

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Technical characteristics

PoE Si (Power Over Ethernet)

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Doorphone IP Doorphone D2101KV for single family homes, stainless steel V2A, brushed, flush-mounted housing included (vertical), 1 call button incl. stainless steel plate with bell symbol, keyboard module (housing for surface mounting: optional)

The DoorBird D2101KV IP Video Doorphone is a recessed IP Video door intercom for multi-dwelling residences with a brushed finished stainless steel housing. You can see your visitors, talk to them and open the door through a smartphone and a tablet. The DoorBird D2101KV sends automatic notifications to up to 8 users in each home and can be used remotely via a smartphone and a tablet. The DoorBird D2101KV offers live 720p HDTV video at 110 ° viewing angle and detailed night vision. The DoorBird connects via Ethernet cable. The free application DoorBird works with Android and iOS. Each owner or neighbor controls the gatekeeper from their own network.

Doorbird allows you to see and talk with visitors and even open the door with a smartphone from anywhere in the world. This IP video door phone is equipped with innovative technology, with an exclusive design, and is manufactured in Germany.

IP video door phone connected Wifi 4G 3G

Simply install it following the instructions provided in the package, and once connected, through an Ethernet cable, you can enjoy all its functions.

When a visitor knocks at the door, you will receive a call notification on a smartphone or tablet that warns of the presence of a person. Up to 8 devices can be associated with the Doorbird video door phone and receive notifications about it. You can see who is the visitor with clarity thanks to its high definition and wide angle and talk to him. The Doorphone IP video door phone can be used even at night thanks to its night vision.

IP Video Doorphone Buy in Spain

An integrated motion detector allows you to add a security function to the IP video door phone and even have a history of the visitors with an image, date and time of passage of each person detected.

IP video intercom with motion detector

In addition, an RFID reader allows access control in a more traditional way with the identification card or RFID when programming individual calendars.

Finally, several connectors provided with the access controller allow to connect in the latter several elements, such as a relay or electric strike, a button with cable or a bell with cable.

The Doorbird application is available for both iOS and Android.

IP video door phone Ios Android


- 1 x main video entry unit
- 1 x front panel
- 1 x rear mounting box
- 1 x power supply with 4 country adapters
- 1 x RFID tag
- 1 x RFID card
- 1 x Assembly parts kit
- 1 x Installation Guide



Connected house

With DoorBird you can have your house at the tip of your fingers, no matter where you are. We offer numerous smart Addon devices that can be easily connected to our DoorBird IP video door phone: there are wireless models with zero configuration and no installation problems. In addition to that, you can use our DoorBird Connect function and also our API to combine third-party components such as Danalock locks, Z-Wave home automation controllers or even your own smart home creation with our system.


IP network LAN connection
Opening the door by electric shock
Access to the IP video intercom entrance through the 3G / 4G cloud
RFID access control
Night vision
Protection against dust and weather (IP65)
Integrated motion detector
Management of multiple users (up to 8)
Easy installation


Power supply: 15VDC or POE
Material: stainless steel
Components: Speakers, microphone and noise and echo reducer
Streaming: bidirectional, full duplex
Camera: 720p HDTV, dynamic (VGA - HDTV)
Lens: hemispherical wide angle of 180 ° horizontally, vertical 90 °
Night vision: 12 LED IR, automatic IR-Cut filter
Network: RJ45, PoE 802.3af Mode-A
Movement detector:
Type: active
Detection angle: 110 °
Distance: 1 to 10 m
Technology: 4D
Configuration: through the application
Type: active passive label system
Standard: ISO / IEC 18000-2: 2009 Part 2
Frequency: 125 KHz
Range: 0 to 3 cm
Antenna: internal
Configuration: through the application
IP protection: IP65
Temperature: -25 to +55 ° C
Humidity: 10-85% RH
Camera size: 256 x 275.25 x 48.75 mm (height, width, depth)
Weight: 3.043 grams
Certificates: CE, IC, FCC, RoHS, IP65

D Ethernet RJ45 connector, PoE 802.3af A-mode, 10/100 Base-T MOTION SENSOR Type Active Coverage angle 54 ° horizontal, 70 ° vertical Range 1 - 10 m (3.3 - 32.9 ft), depending on environment, configurable from 1 m (3.3 feet). 4D technology. Based on several integrated sensors and algorithms, p. ex. Radiofrequency energy (ERF) Configuration Through app, p. ex. "Range / distance (1 - 10 m / 3.3 - 32.9 ft)" Direction of movement "Individual events (eg change a relay, HTTP notification (s), SIP call [audio / video], push notification) "Individual Schedules RFID Type System Active Reader Passive Tag (ARPT) Standard ISO / IEC 18000-2: 2009 Part 2, EM4100, EM4102 Frequency 125 KHz Range 0 - 3 cm, depending on environment Antenna Internal Transponder compatible Transponder Keys sold separately in Up to 100 manageable transponder keychains Configuration Through app, p. ex. "Tag (add, delete)" Individual events (eg change a relay, HTTP notification (s), SIP call [audio / video], push notification) "Individual schedules INTEGRATED RADIO MODULES RFID 125 KHz 24 GHz sensor, can be deactivate ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES Available separately See GENERAL INFORMATION Faceplate 3 mm (0.12 in) Available in stainless steel V2A / V4A, brushed and finished in bronze Rear mounting box Stainless steel Recessed mounting, surface mounted housing sold separately Power supply 15 V DC (max 15 W) or Power over Ethernet (PoE 802.3af A-mode) Plastic call button Can be engraved. metal sold separately at Illuminated nameplate Keypad module 12 illuminated keys, configurable via app, eg "Individual PIN codes" Individual events (eg change a relay, notification HTT P (s)) "Individual hours" Configurable up to 100 PIN codes Weight 2040g Connections "RJ45, for LAN / PoE" Bistable interlock relay No. 1, max. 1-24 V DC / V AC, 1 amp, p. ex. for electric door opener "Bistable interlock relay No. 2, max 1-24 V DC / V AC, 1 amp, eg for electric door openers" Switching relay, max. 1-24 V DC / V AC, 1 amp, for conventional timers "External input (voltage free), for external door openers" 15 V DC Input (+, -), max. 15 W "The relays can be extended / disconnected with the DoorBird IP Controller I / O A1081 Climate protection Yes, IP65 Approvals CE, IC, FCC, RoHS, IP65, IK08 Dimensions 349.5 x 129 x 49.6 mm (A x A x P) 13.76 x 5.08 x 1.95 in (W x H x D) Operating conditions -25 to + 55 ° C / -13 to 131 ° F Relative air humidity from 10% to 85% (does not condensate) Contents 1 x Electric main unit 1 x Faceplate 1 x Flush mount housing 1 x Power supply (110 - 240 V AC 15 V DC) with 4 adapters for different countries 1 x Transponder keychain 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Small parts 1 x Quick guide with digital passport 1 x Installation manual Warranty See CURRENT SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS System requirements Mobile end device: latest iOS on iPhone / iPad, latest Android on smartphone / tablet Internet: Internet connection by telephone network fixed high speed broadband, DSL, cable or fiber optic, s in Socks servers or Network Proxy: Ethernet network, with DHCP

Note: Specialized knowledge or an electrician will be required when assembling.


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DOORBIRD D2101KV - Embedded IP video door phone with keypad for code opening

DOORBIRD D2101KV - Embedded IP video door phone with keypad for code opening

Doorbird is an IP-connected video door phone that allows you to never miss a visitor from your home or from anywhere in the world and integrates RFID and a code keypad built into this model D2101KV.

  • PoE
  • IP
  • RFID

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