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Telephone dialer with panic button (telecare)



It is popularly known as the 'alarm for the elderly', as it is the group that most demands it, although not all of our customers of this panic button are elderly, it can have telecare and emergency applications for other profiles and uses. Used for teleassistance not based on Call Management Central.

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The telephone dialer with panic button is a security system with tele-assistance orientation, with integrated telephone, indicated for emergency situations ( self-managed teleassistance type with landline phone dialer ). It is a telephone dialer with emergency button, which connects to any standard telephone jack or a conventional telephone "thief" (landline). By pressing the cord panic button (the kit includes 2 pendants ), with a range of up to 60 meters, a pre-recorded voice message will be sent to the preprogrammed numbers to provide telephonic home telephone assistance (it will call the 3 preset numbers in order). In this way, when the recipient of the call receives the recorded voice message, he will know that he is called from the address where it is installed, through the panic call kit. If the preprogrammed number does not pick up in a given time, it will call up to 2 more different numbers, previously programmed, so that they can offer telecare. If the recipient of the teleassistance call, press any digit in your telephone, the hands-free intercom function will be activated with the base , to check if everything is in order, as a home telecare service. It is ideal for people who live alone and need fast telephone assistance in emergency situations, such as alarms for the elderly / alarms for the elderly. Supplied with neck cord with panic button that can be activated remotely. It is a simple and inexpensive teleassistance alarm transmission device without quotas. As we have seen, it can be considered a panic button for emergencies for the elderly, teleassistance type.

This system of homeless telecare alarm WITHOUT FEES , allows you to receive through a family member or caregiver, the permanent attention you need, through the telephone line, mainly oriented to elderly or dependent, so that family or the people in charge, Be alerted immediately or you can offer a first telephone tele-assistance or determine if something is happening.

The ability of this anti-panic system allows, in the event of any event or problem, by pressing a button that brings the user permanently, can from anywhere in your home and without the need to move, enter verbal communication "hands-free" with the preprogrammed telephones in the telephone dialer for teleassistance.

This telephone dialer with panic alarm, which allows telephonic telephony not based on call receipe centers, is designed to give you the greatest security, ease and control. It is the most complete and safe of panic alarm systems, but still simple, economical and easy to use, which is ideal for seniors, people who live alone, sick, elderly, etc.

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Number of preprogrammable numbers: 3 telephone numbers of recipients for telecare (can be mobile)
  • Range of the remote control / panic button-telecare: up to 60 meters range
  • Range of telecare microphone: up to 3 meters away
  • Power supply: 6 V DC adapter (included)
  • Batteries can be placed for safety if the power goes out.
  • Power supply of the tele-assistance remote control: A23S batteries (included)
  • Dimensions telecare equipment: 10.5 x 15.8 x 4.4 cm

Elderly Emergency Push Button

Connection scheme:

Panico button for the elderly Connection diagram

We send the version with new antenna , even more practical:

Antenna Short Panico Elderly Button

Telecare Prices

Improved version

In the market there are many replicas or versions of these self-management devices of home telecare. Our panic buttons are original, we always deliver the latest firmware versions and hardware improvements. Also with technical support, warranty, quality control and CE marking in accordance with the regulations and laws in force in Europe.



We offer a European Guarantee for our telecare equipment for a period of 2 years , which we manage directly with the manufacturer, to offer you total satisfaction.

Technical specifications Fixed line telephone dialer for telecare:

Indicated for: Residential and commercial use
characteristics 3 programmable telephone numbers
Color White
Input voltage 6 VDC
Power connector Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16)
Wireless technology 433 Mhz
Kind Independent
Battery A23S
Input voltage Supply source 220-240 VAC
Type of telecommunications PSTN (conventional fixed telephone line)
Interface RJ11
Batteries included in controls 2x A23 / 8LR932
Type of batteries of the controls 2x A23 / 8LR932
Operating temperature 0-40 ° C
Type of power input PSU EU

Meets CE and ROHS Certifications




Envio muy bien

El envio fue muy rapido, de un dia para otro


Facil de poner

Me resulto facil de poner y de usar este marcador para mi madre


Buen servicio

Aparte de explicarme muy bien el funcionamiento y las diferencias con otros, me llego enseguida. Muy majos.


Boton cogado al cuello

Dode tengo que solicitarlo tengo 78 año y muchas veces etoy sola y padesco de la tencion alta y taquicardia


Muy práctico

Estaba buscando algo así para poner en una casa con una persona mayor. Sin ser lo más de lo más, cumple con lo que dice de forma fácil y a buen precio.


Mejor de lo esperado

Muy práctico, cumple con lo esperado y lo que necesitamos.
Hemos realizado varias pruebas con los pulsadores para comprobar su alcance, de sobra para nuestro piso. Muy buen resultado. No deja de llamar hasta que descuelgas y pulsas alguna tecla, PARA ASEGURARSE QUE TE HAS DADO POR ENTERADA.
Su instalación es muy sencilla, además, incorpora un hueco para pilas en caso de desconexión de la red eléctrica, el aparato sigue funcionando por mayor seguridad.


muy efectivo

perfecto. Lo hemos comprado para una persona mayor y funciona a la perfección.


Muy practico y sencillo

Se lo cogi a mi madre que se sentia sola y un poco desasistida despues de su ultima caída y la verdad es que se instala muy facil y resulta muy practico y facil de usar.

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Telephone dialer with panic button (telecare)

Telephone dialer with panic button (telecare)

It is popularly known as the 'alarm for the elderly', as it is the group that most demands it, although not all of our customers of this panic button are elderly, it can have telecare and emergency applications for other profiles and uses. Used for teleassistance not based on Call Management Central.


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