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DOORBIRD - IP I / O gate controller



Gate control IP I / O Doorbird

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The DoorBird A 1081 I / O door control allows the network to control the closing and opening of one to three doors (or doors) with protection against strange manipulations. In most cases, electric door openers are mounted directly from the factory with a connection by two electric cables to the doorman. The unauthorized dismantling of the intercom or a deliberate short circuit of the cables can activate the electric opening device and allow intruders to enter the property or the building. The DoorBird I / O A1081 door control allows you to remedy this situation by mounting it in the protected interior of the building, for example in a control cabinet in the basement, and connecting it through a network connection with the DoorBird IP video door phone. The network connection can be made through an Ethernet (PoE) or WLAN cable.

You can monitor if a door or gate is currently open because you can connect to one or two external sensors such as motion detectors, vibration sensors, contact switches and evaluate the data provided, including sending an alarm message to everyone through a push notification on the smartphone or tablet.

In a network, it is possible to connect an unlimited number of I / O port controls with a DoorBird IP video door phone. With the DoorBird application, all doors and gates activated by the control of I / O ports are available at the touch of a button.


Control of up to three doors or gates with protection against external manipulation
Encryption in accordance with banking regulations
Supervision of two external detectors
Three freely configurable bistable switching relays (permanent opening, permanent closing, lever)
The switching relays maintain their status even in the event of a power cut.
WiFi, Ethernet, PoE
Alarm message via push notification on smartphone and tablet.
Suitable for mounting on the wall, ceiling or distribution cabinet.


Power: 15VDC or Power over Ethernet
Connection: SMA, RJ45, 12-pole screw terminal for ..:
- 15VDC input
- Switching relay 1 (max 1-24 VDC / VAC, 1 amp)
- Switching relay 2 (max 1-24 VDC / VAC, 1 amp)
- Switching relay 3 (max 1-24 VDC / VAC, 1 amp)
- External input 1 (free of potential)
- External input 2 (potential free)
Wifi: External antenna, 2.4GHz, 802.11 b / g / n
PoE: IEEE 802.3 af / at (Mode A)
Dimensions: 122 x 86 x 86 x 86 x 32mm (LxWxH)
Operating temperature: -25 to 55 ° C
Weight: 174g
Certifications: CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, IP50


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DOORBIRD - IP I / O gate controller

DOORBIRD - IP I / O gate controller

Gate control IP I / O Doorbird

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