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Sensor de humedad del suelo 0-10V



Moisture sensor for soil. Complement for irrigation systems by measuring the humidity % in the soil of cultivation of plants and trees for gardening environments.

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The soil moisture temperature sensor is suitable for soil temperature and moisture measurement. Comparedwith the German original high-precision sensor and the actual soil drying and weighing method, thesoil moisturetemperature sensor has high accuracy, fast response and stable output. Less affected by soil salt content,suitable for all kinds of soil. Can be buried in soil for a long time, resistant to long-termelectrolysis, corrosionresistance, vacuum potting, completely waterproof.

The power interface is wide-voltage power input 12-24V. Analog products should pay attention tothepositiveandnegative signal lines. Do not reverse the positive or negative of the current/voltage signal lines.

Wiring Sequence

Line Color Description
Brown Power supply Positive ( 12-24VDC)
Power Black Power supply Negative
White Humidity Voltage/current output Positive
Gray Temperature Voltage/current output Positive
Communications Blue NC
Yellow NC

 We provide default cable length of 1.5meters, you can extend the cable yourself according to your needs.

Speed measurement method

Select the appropriate measurement site, avoid the stones, ensure that the steel needle doesnot hit ahardobject, throw the topsoil at the required depth of measurement, keep the underlying soil tightness, gripthesensorvertically into the soil, insert It is not possible to shake left and right. It is recommended to measuremultipletimeswithin a small area of a measurement point to obtain the average value.

Buried method

Dig a pit with a diameter of >20cm vertically and insert the sensor steel needle horizontally intothewall ofthepit at a predetermined depth. After the pit is buried tightly and stable for a period of time, it can bemeasuredandrecorded for several days, or months, or even longer.


1, steel needle must be fully inserted into the soil. 2. Avoid direct sunlight on the sensor and cause excessive temperature. Use caution in thefieldagainstlightning strikes. 3, do not violently bend the steel needle, do not force pull the sensor leads, do not beat or violentlyhitthesensor. 4, sensor protection grade IP68, the sensor can be soaked in water. 5, due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it should not be inastate of power in the air for a long time

WIRING INSTRUCTIONS3.1 Typical four-wire wiring Analog sensor wiring is simple, just connect the wire to the designated port of the device. Thedevicesupports 3-wire wiring. The following figure shows the voltage sensor connection mode. The power line (brown line andblackline)ofthe sensor is connected to the power supply; the yellow (gray) color line of the sensor is thesignal thatisconnected to the acquisition device. Positive, yellow (gray) The voltage of the line is the output voltage; theblueline of the sensor is the signal that the signal is being connected to the voltage acquisition device, andthevoltageof the blue line is the reference voltage, which is consistent with the voltage of the black line being0V. 3.1 Typical Three-wire Connection Mode For the typical three-wire connection, the blue line and the yellow line are omitted. In the sensor, theblueline,the yellow line, and the black line are short-circuited, so the blue line and the yellow line can be omitted. For the three-wire current connection method, after the power cables (brown wires and black wires) of thesensors are connected to the power supply, the white and gray wires of the sensors need only to beconnectedtosignals of the current acquisition equipment.


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Sensor de humedad del suelo 0-10V

Sensor de humedad del suelo 0-10V

Moisture sensor for soil. Complement for irrigation systems by measuring the humidity % in the soil of cultivation of plants and trees for gardening environments.

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