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Danfoss ECO Bluetooth - Bluetooth programmable thermostatic head



Danfoss Eco is a Bluetooth-enabled radiator thermostat that works with a smartphone app. With the app from the mobile, the stays, schedules, etc. are programmed.

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Technical characteristics

Bluetooth Si - Bluetooth BLE 4.0

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A perfect temperature, wherever you want!

Danfoss Eco" the simple solution for smart heating. The new optimized thermostat offers you a long-lasting solution in a stylish design.

Danfoss Eco" is battery-operated, compact and easy to operate with a manual handle and a single button. Danfoss Eco" is programmable via a smartphone app using Bluetooth connectivity.

Danfoss Eco" is easy to install, 30 seconds is all it takes! Adapters are available for all thermostatic valves produced by Danfoss and for most thermostatic valves from other brands.

The integrated screen, which can be rotated 180 degrees, makes it easy to read from any angle. And if you prefer to control your Danfoss Eco" thermostat manually, you can use the control knob to set the desired temperature.

Danfoss ECO Bluetooth

Apps programming

Easy programming of the application via Bluetooth on the smartphone or tablet. Up to 3 descent periods per day, and the possibility of copying the schedule for other days.

Software updates

Software updates are done automatically, and are displayed through the app. The data security of the Danfoss Eco Thermostat" and the application that is connected to your smartphone is guaranteed. The system is tested by independent specialists.

open window function

The Danfoss Eco" thermostat has an open window function that closes the valve to reduce heat loss if the room temperature drops sharply. The heating is switched off for a maximum of 30 minutes before the Danfoss Eco" returns to the initial settings . When the open window function has been activated, this function cannot be reactivated for 45 minutes.

valve adjustment

During the first night of operation, Danfoss Eco" turns the radiator off and then turns it on again to detect the exact point of valve opening. This allows Danfoss Eco" to control heating as efficiently as possible. If necessary, the procedure is repeated once a night for a week. During the adjustment procedure, it is possible that the radiator gets hot without relation to the ambient temperature.

child lock

Activation of the child safety device protects the settings from accidental misadjustment.

adaptive learning

During the first week of operation, Danfoss Eco" learns to determine when it is necessary to turn on the space heating in order to reach the desired temperature at the desired time. The intelligent control system continuously adjusts the on time to account for changes in temperature. seasonal temperature.

Automatic splash guard

To keep the radiator valve working optimally, Danfoss Eco" automatically operates the radiator valve every Thursday around 11.00am with a full opening followed by a return to normal settings.

CAUTION: May require the use of an adapter (available in the accessories tab) to be compatible with your heater.

This thermostatic head is supplied with Danfoss RA and M30x1.5 adapters.



Replaces the thermostatic valve of your radiator.
The programming of the application is very easy
The upper and rotating screen
Settings can be copied from one device to another.
free app
intuitive user interface
Anti-scratch function for greater reliability
Precise control using a stepper motor
open window detection
Up to 30% energy savings (advanced heating control software)
Radiator heating control, programmed according to your daily activities.
Easy individual control of each radiator with the smartphone app via Bluetooth technology
Thermostat programming via Bluetooth <10m
Quick and easy installation
Silencer < 30dB
Manual adjustment of the thermostat by means of an adjustment wheel
Compatible with RA and M30x1.5 (optional adapters for other types of valves)
Up to 100 heads can be paired on the app


Actuator : Electromechanical
Display: LCD with white backlight
Regulation: PPE
Power: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries (included)
Consumption :
Standby: 3µW
Operating: 1.2W
Battery life: 2 years
Frequency: 2.4GHz (<2.1mW)
Range: up to 10m indoors
Temperature adjustment range: 4-28°C
Measurement interval: Temperature measurement every minute
Clock accuracy: +/- 10 min/year
Length: 81-93mm
Diameter: 55mm
Protection class: IP20
Weight: 198g (Batteries included)
Complies with standards: CE, RoHS, WEEE



Termostato de Radiador sencillo

Muy facil de programar. Sencillo de montar con adaptadores para Orkli. Gracias por asesoramiento.

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Danfoss ECO Bluetooth - Bluetooth programmable thermostatic head

Danfoss ECO Bluetooth - Bluetooth programmable thermostatic head

Danfoss Eco is a Bluetooth-enabled radiator thermostat that works with a smartphone app. With the app from the mobile, the stays, schedules, etc. are programmed.


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