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Innr is the story of Jeroen and Rob. Two former Philips managers who share a single passion: to create a smart lighting system that anyone can afford, install and use exactly as they want.

The story of a passion for intelligent lighting
Jeroen had always been interested in interior design and a fortunate visit to Japan led to the first of many exciting turning points. He realised that Japanese designers made clever use of light to completely change the ambience of a room, even changing a productivity-focused office space into a relaxing living area. Sharing this concept with the world was now a priority for Jeroen and the first thing he did was get in touch with Rob: the man behind the first smart TV.
With years of experience in smart technology, Rob knew that it would be possible to create a lighting system that could be fully controlled using a remote control or smartphone. It would be possible to create the perfect ambience for every situation at every time of day, all from the palm of your hand. In 2012 they founded Innr and have since taken the smart lighting world by storm using mainly online retailers such as Amazon,, and Coolblue.

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    Control smart lighting with your voice or remotely from your smartphone or computer

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    Control smart lighting with your voice or remotely from your smartphone or computer.

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    Continuous RGBW Tubular LED Strip. Flexible light bar of 2 or 4 meters with 16 million colors for outdoors. With the extra-long, flexible and smart outdoor LED bar, you can easily add a touch of color to your garden or balcony.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items