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Everybody, who wants to protect automatically his blinds and roller shutters in the case of wind, can bet on the multi sensor Z-Weather. This is thanks to the newest firmware version 4.081 beta of FIBARO’s Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite.
So far, some features of the Z-Weather multi sensor have not been available after the device was included in FIBARO’s Home Center. Including wind speed. Since the last update on 4.081 beta the Z-Weather module is also being supported with all features now. And so, the FIBARO Home Center displays following measured values:

  • (Outdoor) Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Brightness
  • Air Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Pulse Count (each 8th rotation)


Before you can configure and use Z-Weather with FIBARO Home Center, the unit needs to be fully charged. In order to charge Z-Weather place it in a location with direct sunlight exposure for 3-4 hours. Without direct sun light, charging may take 12 hours.
Go to “Add or remove module” section of the Home Center

• Start the learning mode of your Home Center and triple click the button on the bottom of Z-Weather (within 1.5 sec).
• Now both units begin to communicate. All functions will be displayed as single element under „rooms -> not associated“



Z-Weather is powered by a solar cell (energy self-sufficient). Depending on the load capacity of the internal capacitor the wake-up interval may verify between 15 minutes and up to 2 hours (at night or in winter time). The transmitted value for “wind speed” is the maximum value that has been measured since the last wake-up.

To secure blinds and awnings in case of wind it is recommended to use association group 2. Devices that are associated to this group with Z-Weather (up to 5 are possible) will be triggered immediately when reaching or exceeding a defined wind speed. The default value is 6m/s (22 km/h) and can be defined via parameter 1. Values are possible between 0-30 m/s. (1m/s = 3,6 km/h ; 1 km/h = 0,28 m/s).

The energy management of Z-Weather retains a reserve voltage, in order to be able to control this group of devices immediately as soon as the level of parameter 1 is reached/ exceeded – regardless of the current wake-up interval.

This also means, if you haven’t already made an update for Home Center Version 4.081 or more, you can although include Z-Weather in your network and save devices via association group 2 in case of gusty wind or even a storm. Only wind speed is not indicated as value on the web interface of the Home Center. Nevertheless, there is a solution for Home Center 2 users via LUA, see here.