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WIFI thermostat for boiler control from the Internet - momit Home Thermostat Starter Kit


Smart wifi thermostat programmable from the Internet. It is a wireless WiFi thermostat with which you can program and access to control the heating from the Internet, through Wifi / 3G / 4G. It does not need electrical power: it works with batteries. Every day learn from your habits. Available in various colors. Save up to 30% on your energy bill with this wifi thermostat .

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Wi-Fi Si

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Installation VERY simple without the need to carry 220V power as it happens with most of its competitors, it is an intelligent wifi thermostat , controlled by an application on the mobile, ideal to replace old and imprecise "roulette type" thermostats or even your modern but "isolated" programmable programmable thermostat. If you currently have an old thermostat, connected to your boiler by a 2-wire cable, you are facing the smartest, simplest and most economical option in the market to control the heating of your house remotely, without the need to extend your thermostat with power cables intelligent.

The thermostat wifi to control the boiler and the heating through the Internet with the mobile, of Momit , is a system of wifi thermostat to control from Internet, also with the mobile, systems of heating by hot water in general, through its current ADSL or Fiber Optic connection. The kit consists of a wall-mounted thermostat operated by batteries installed in the room that you want to control to operate the hot water boiler over the internet. The Momit wifi thermostat can be operated manually by the user or can be operated remotely through the Internet to set the desired temperature level. It is a novel and revolutionary wifi thermostat for its simplicity, which can be accessed and controlled from the internet to manage the heating temperature of your home or office from a distance. This wireless thermostat offers you access to the remote temperature control of your heating, as well as the function of monitoring your heating system from the place where you are connected to the Internet. With this Wi-Fi thermostat from Momit you will never find your house cold again and you will not regret leaving the heating on when you have left home. If programmed and used with head, it will save more than the cost of the thermostat itself in a very short time, since it will allow you to keep at bay the expensive bills linked to the use of heating, thanks to this practical thermostat, which will allow to save on heating.

  • The heating control system via wifi thermostat connects to the Internet, through the Internet Gateway (included with your Wi-Fi thermostat KIT)
  • Elegant, fine and pleasant design, it is a wifi thermostat to be placed on the wall. With little thickness and a minimalist design allows to integrate perfectly with the decoration. Available in various colors.
  • The Momit wifi thermostat is easily replaced by your current thermostat, without the need for any additional cable and using two simple screws. It is not necessary to feed it with current like other thermostats of the competition.
  • This wifi thermostat has a simple "Plug and Play" installation system. No technical knowledge is needed.
  • It also has a free application (App) for iPhone and Android devices. Control your heating from the Internet.
  • Accessible from any modern browser (Including mobiles) *
  • No monthly fees *
  • Integral wifi thermostat system, complete and packed in its box. No additional hardware is required to operate your Wi-Fi heating control thermostat via the Internet.
  • As simple as connecting the Internet Gateway module (included with the wifi thermostat kit) to the ADSL or 3G / 4G wifi router.
  • Simple programming of your wifi thermostat chrono from your favorite web browser or from your Android or IPhone "App".
  • Powerful wifi thermostat that only requires an Internet connection, even with a 3G / 4G router and an additional SIM card if you want to use there where there is no ADSL or landline. (See additional SIM price to your current mobile line to your telephone operator).
* Your mobile phone provider may charge fees for data transmission, if you do not have a flat rate.

momit Home Thermostat Starter Kit is an intelligent wifi thermostat kit that learns from the consumption habits that occur in the home or office to ensure that the temperature of your home or business is always appropriate. By having the wireless option * you can take it to the room you want and change it as many times as necessary. Now you can have the momit devices you want, since through momit Home Thermostat App you can control the temperature of each room independently (up to 8 zones using additional thermostats momit Home Thermostat MHTPV1 ). Thanks to its geolocation system, the momit Home Thermostat wifi thermostat recognizes the location of the users and with its presence sensor detects when nobody is at home and switches off the heating system after a certain period of time. With all the above, you can save energy when there is no one at home and have the ideal temperature when you return to it. In addition, the momit Home App application has the My Budget function through which you can know how much you want to save per month on your energy bill.

It is important to note that this wifi thermostat does not require a 220V power supply to the installation point, as it happens with other thermostats with Wi-Fi technology, since it works with batteries which allows in a VERY easy way to replace mechanical thermostats (the typical ones of roulette) or cronotermostatos "bobos" that sometimes warm the house while we are out and away from it. When the kit is used autonomously, without any optional wireless module, using the control cables of the boiler that usually have the usual installations, we are facing a scenario of lower failure points, also comparing it with other wifi thermostats, which need that operate 3 elements that communicate with each other via radio.

* in combination with the MHEKV1 device

Live the experience of INTELLIGENT COMFORT with a wifi thermostat, from the hand of momit

Watch video of momit Home Termostat

Remote control heating with wifi thermostat

Remote control

Control the home heating from the mobile no matter where you are, is not a thing of the future.

Make it possible with momit's App on your smartphone and your home internet access

Save on heating with wifi thermostat

Heating Savings

Save up to 30% on heating thanks to momit's wifi thermostat. You will see it soon on your bill.

Geolocation of the Wifi thermostat


Have you ever forgotten to turn off the heating before leaving home? Do not worry, depending on your location the momit wifi thermostat will do it for you

Easy installation of the Wifi thermostat

Easy installation

Forget about cables and tools, this wifi thermostat can be installed by yourself in 3 easy steps


We present you the wifi thermostat with intelligent technology and an innovative design that every day learns from your habits of use and consumption so that the temperature and comfort of your home are what you have always wanted at all times.

Thermostat wifi control from internet app


Momit Home Thermostat is wireless and you can take it with you to the room you want. Change it as many times as you want and have the remote control of your thermostat anytime and anywhere.

Wifi thermostat that is portable


With just one click, take control of your momit Home Thermostat. Through your App you can control your wifi thermostat from the internet anywhere and anytime with your mobile, tablet or computer.

Available for:

App for Android and iOS of the wifi thermostat


With the new technology developed by momit, you can have as many Momit Home Thermostat as you need in your home, allowing a temperature control, even from the Internet, independent of each room. Your only concern will be to select which room will take control of the heating.

Multi-location of the wifi thermostat


Through its geolocation system, momit Home Thermostat will know when you are leaving home and automatically turn off the heating, avoiding unnecessary consumption and allowing you to save on heating.

Start saving on heating with our wifi thermostat!

App for wifi thermostat


Thanks to its presence sensor, momit Home Thermostat detects when nobody is at home, turning off the heating after a certain period of time. Forget worries, momit Home Thermostat takes care of you and helps you save heating.

Wifi Thermostat Panel


momit Home Thermostat is a wifi thermostat compatible with 95% of heating systems. It even allows to control the heating from the Internet in second residences without ADSL or Fiber Optics, using a router with a 3G / 4G SIM slot (sold separately) since the monthly mobile data consumption is very low.

Boiler control from internet - wifi thermostat


Elegant and minimalist, the momit Home Thermostat wifi thermostat is designed with your personality in mind at home or in your office. Choose the design that suits you the most and combine it with each room.

Multiple colors of wifi thermostat

My budget

Forget about surprises with your heating bill! Thanks to this advanced function of momit App you will be able to establish your own budget and top of expenditure that will allow you to obtain important savings on your bill!

With My Budget you can:

  • Establish a monthly heating budget
  • Know your daily heating consumption
  • Know what is the best programming according to your daily habits to get save heating

Start saving heating is possible!

VIDEO about My Budget

Weather forecast

No matter how long you do, momit Home Thermostat takes it into account to offer you greater comfort. Weather forecast of up to 7 days.

Control from the App

Have control of the temperature of your home and heating, either from your mobile, from the Internet or from the Wi-Fi thermostat itself: absolute control of the heating of your home. Make all the settings directly in momit Home Thermostat App from your Smartphone (IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry), tablet or PC


Thanks to this intelligent thermostat function the heating is turned off or on depending on the distance you are at home. Depending on the distance of the user, the Geolocation setting turns the heating on and off.
* Configuration available for IOS and Android

Presence Control

Thanks to its presence sensor, momit Home Thermostat detects when there are people in your home and saves energy when there is no one at home, which facilitates savings in heating. This setting turns the thermostat on or off when the motion sensor detects whether you are at home or not.

Temperature and Humidity

This function of the wifi thermostat allows you to know the status of your home with accurate temperature and humidity data, also remotely. Measures temperature and humidity to achieve efficient monitoring and statistics.


Under this configuration, the thermostat automatically learns from your consumption habits to optimize savings.


Move your momit Home Thermostat from room to room. You will only need a momit Extension Kit * and your thermostat will be wireless.

Internet connection

It connects to the Internet through the momit Gateway.


Program the temperature ranges you want per day with the Calendar mode *
* The minimum duration time per interval is 15 minutes


You can review your consumption statistics through momit Home Thermostat App.

Main features: summary

"Remote control of the heating: Configure the preferences of house no matter where you are, it is not a thing of the future, make it possible with the Momit App.
"Savings: You can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%, saving heating is possible.
"Geolocation: Have you ever forgotten to turn off the heating before leaving home? Surely, do not worry, depending on your location, the momit wifi thermostat will do it for you." Intelligent thermostat functions.
"Easy installation: Forget about cables and tools, you can install the wifi momit thermostat yourself in 3 easy steps.

Installation Video:


Wireless technology: Wifi (wifi thermostat)

Color: Black / Silver / Gold / Blue / Red

Materials: ABS

Screen size: 2.16 "

Input voltage: 2 x AA battery (3 V) 5V

App available to control heating: Android, iOS, BB and Windows

Programmable wifi thermostat: Yes

Scope of the wifi thermostat signal: 15 m

Container content

"1x wifi thermostat momit Home Thermostat
"1x Wi-Fi thermostat Gateway
"1x Ethernet cable
"1x USB Cable
"1x Power Adapter for the wifi thermostat gateway
"2x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
"2x M3x30 screws
"2 tacos




Termostato wifi sencillo pero potente

Muy contento con la compra de este termostato wifi. En español. Me ayudaron para aclararme con el modulo de extension que necesitaba para mi caldera, de la que nos salen cables hasta ningun termostato..



Muy fácil de instalar. Creia que iba a resultar mas complicado cuando lo compre. Estoy encantado ademas con la app en español.


Opinion muy positiva

Agradezco a la persona que me atendido por teléfono la amabilidad, paciencia y profesionalidad.

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WIFI thermostat for boiler control from the Internet - momit Home Thermostat Starter Kit

WIFI thermostat for boiler control from the Internet - momit Home Thermostat Starter Kit

Smart wifi thermostat programmable from the Internet. It is a wireless WiFi thermostat with which you can program and access to control the heating from the Internet, through Wifi / 3G / 4G. It does not need electrical power: it works with batteries. Every day learn from your habits. Available in various colors. Save up to 30% on your energy bill with this wifi thermostat .


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