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Swiid On-Off Plug Z-Wave Plus



Z-Wave Plus technology plug of small size: the smallest in the market. With possibility of control in local mode. You need a Z-Wave Control Unit to operate

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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This SwiiPlug plug-in Z-Wave switch allows you to remotely turn on and off an electrical device that is connected to your base.
It is possibly the smallest Z-Wave plug on the European market. It is suitable for incandescent, halogen and LED lamps (all types of transformers).

The SwiidPlug "can be operated manually, by pressing the integrated button, which acts as an on / off switch and can be controlled remotely via Z-Wave.

The SwiidPlug "can also handle associations from and to other devices that are part of the same Z-Wave network, so the plug can be activated by a signal from another Z-Wave device in the network, such as the activation of a presence sensor.

A Z-Wave controller is required to control the remote switch. The controller can be a Control Unit (home automation controller) or a Z-Wave remote control. Most home automation controllers are compatible with this device: ZiBASE, Zipabox, Vera Edge, Fibaro Home Center, etc.

Notes Association Z-Wave relating to its plug / switch:

In a Z-Wave network, the association procedures allow your SwiidPlug "to directly control other Z-WAVE devices (real or virtual) or vice versa, to be controlled by other Z-Wave devices without passing through a controller. Typical example would be the association of a SwiidPlug "with a Z-Wave presence detector, so that its plugs turn on when presence is detected.
Associations, obviously, are only possible between devices that are part of the same Z-Wave network, that is, devices that have been included using - directly or indirectly - the same primary controller.

Associations are unidirectional (unidirectional association) from a first node (the "primary" node) that issues a message to the second node ("secondary node") that receives the message and executes a previously defined action. It is possible to have bi-directional associations (reciprocal / bidirectional), but to achieve this, it is necessary to create two separate associations: one from A to B and a second from B to A.
A primary node can be associated with more than one secondary node. The maximum number depends on the characteristics of the primary node device. This is known as a "group" association. Alternatively, a secondary node can receive and execute commands from any number of primary nodes with which it has been associated.

This device is capable of handling a single association group as a primary node, which allows you to send commands to associated devices each time you switch from on to off or vice versa. Your plug can command up to 5 normal Z-Wave associated devices.
The process to associate your device as a primary node with other Z-Wave devices can only be done through a Z-Wave controller: follow the association instructions of your controller, defined by the controller manufacturer.
WARNING: Sending information of the relevant association between the devices may take some time, in some cases even a full minute.


"Turn on and off, remotely any electrical device connected to the SCHUKO jack
"Smallest Z-Wave plug in the European market
"Local on / off function through the built-in button
"Association capacity Z-Wave
"Suitable for all types of light bulbs and other electrical devices

Device type: Switch ON / OFF
Power supply: 230V ± 10% - 50 Hz
Max. Power: 3600W
EU standards: EN300220, EN301489-1 / -3 and EN60669-2-1 EN 60669-1 +
Protection index: IP20
Size: 60.0 x 49.0 x 60.5 mm
Radio protocol: Z-Wave (SDK 4.55)
Radiofrequency: 868.42 MHz (EU)
Dist Transmission :. Up to 30m indoors approx.
Working temperature: 0 - 40 ° C
On / Off
Blue / yellow LED on the FUNCTION button
Power consumption: <1.5W


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Swiid On-Off Plug Z-Wave Plus

Swiid On-Off Plug Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus technology plug of small size: the smallest in the market. With possibility of control in local mode. You need a Z-Wave Control Unit to operate

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