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Visonic MCT-101



1-button portable remote. Includes 3.6 V battery with metal clamp.

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The MCT-101 is a portable UHF PowerCode transmitter specially designed for use in supervised alarm systems and remote control systems.

Transmission occurs by pressing one of the buttons on the unit. When pressed, each button initiates a 24-bit transmission with its corresponding PowerCode, which identifies the transmitter to its target receiver as if it were a separate transmitter. Each code is unique and is selected at the factory from 16 million possible combinations.

The equipment incorporates a selector to select between continuous transmission for as long as the button is held down and a single transmission of 3 seconds, regardless of the time the button is held down. It incorporates another selector to enable / disable the supervision message that is sent every hour.

Since the messages transmitted by the MCT-101, -102 and -104 can collide with other messages sent by PowerCode transmitters, an intelligent anti-collision sequence is used.
Power is obtained from the long-life 3.6 volt internal lithium thionyl chloride battery. An LED lights during transmission, indicating the condition of the battery voltage. If the LED blinks during transmission, the battery should be replaced immediately. Also, a low battery transmitter will automatically add a "low battery" code to each transmission. The receivers will identify this code and activate the corresponding output.

Each transmitter in this series is supplied with a belt clip that can be optionally attached to the unit.


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Visonic MCT-101

Visonic MCT-101

1-button portable remote. Includes 3.6 V battery with metal clamp.

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