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Visonic Powerlink-3



Module-card for advanced control via app / web via Internet Web for PowerMaster 10 - 30 systems

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Notification of events through broadband IP communication, plug & play, without the need for fixed IP addresses, it is the complementary or alternative method to GPRS communication. In the case of the Visonic Powermaster 30 panel, we can use both modules simultaneously (the IP Powerlink3 module AND the GPRS module), in the case of Powermaster 10, we must use only one of the two (the IP Powerlink3 module OR the GPRS module).

Advanced, web-based control solution for PowerMaster panels

Visonic PowerLink3 is the a very simple solution over the Internet for advanced security system management and control. It enables central monitoring stations (CMS), security service providers and homeowners to harness the full power of Internet connectivity to take home security and safety to the next level. Based on IP Event Notifications

At its most basic, PowerLink3 offers a plug-and-play IP broadband event notification solution.

With more and more homeowners moving to VoIP communications, broadband has become an ideal method for delivering alarm notifications at no cost to the CMS. Visonic PowerLink3's Internet-based home control system features built-in IP-based event notification capabilities. By simply plugging the PowerLink3 system into a free port on the home router, you connect the alarm system to the IP receiver at the central station - no need to configure the system or the router. This provides a true plug-and-play experience for both the security installer and the CMS. Using PowerLink3 as an IP-based event notification solution requires that Visonic PowerManage (PI management platform) be implemented as an IP receiver at the central station.

Verification Alarm Images Done the Right Way

As PowerLink3 is fully integrated with the PowerMaster home security system, it has the ability to send alarm-time images based on actual motion detection from the CAM NEXT detector. This significantly reduces the cost and hassle of false alarms. The system enables the CMS to receive image alarm verification information within seconds of the alarm time, compared to the several minutes it takes with GPRS or PSTN-based alarm verification solutions. On the other hand, the images in alarm time can be sent to the homeowner's email or mobile phone for immediate viewing and verification. By the time you call the security service provider, the homeowner already knows if the person who triggered the alarm is authorized to be there, or is an intruder. This means that the police or a central station guard is dispatched to the premises only when really necessary. Total Home Security Control PowerLink3 is offered with Visonic PowerMaster panels with PowerManage, which serves as an IP receiver in the CMS, as well as a full-service platform grade for consumer web services. By implementing PowerManage, a CMS can gain full control over the PowerLink3 service, with account and management of services, messages, and much more. PowerLink3 also allows a CMS to remotely maintain and configure the security system through the PowerMaster Visonic PowerManage system.

PowerLink3 Key Features:

  • Presented as an internal module for PowerMaster version 17.3 or higher
  • Provides IP-based event notifications via Visonic's PowerManage CMS
  • System accessible via Visonic mobile apps or mobile / PC web browsers via PowerManage interactive services
  • Video provides timely recorded alarm feeds from up to 10 Next CAM detectors, including the ability to use the VOD (Video On Demand) feature of Interactive PowerManage
  • No router configuration required
  • No client software installation required
  • Does not require a fixed IP in the premises of origin
  • End-user case reports via emails and phones *
  • Fully managed by Visonic PowerManage (IP management platform)
  • Remote maintenance and security system configuration via PowerMaster PowerManage


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Visonic Powerlink-3

Visonic Powerlink-3

Module-card for advanced control via app / web via Internet Web for PowerMaster 10 - 30 systems

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