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ZIPATO Gas Sensor - Z-Wave+



The Zipato Z-Wave Plus gas sensor is designed to avoid the risk of leakage of combustible gases (LPG) in homes.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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This intelligent sensor for gas-fuel leakage results from very low power consumption and has a Z-Wave wireless module to connect it to your home automation center based on this Z-Wave technology. It is used to detect gas-fuel leaks and prevent the danger of this type of dangerous leaks. This Z-Wave gas detector can also be used to extend the wireless transmission distance of your Z-Wave network. This Z-Wave gas sensor has been manufactured with high stability semiconductors. Generates an alarm if the gas density in the air exceeds the set level. Its application is usually recommended in the kitchen or for possible gas leaks in the door area. The Zipato wireless technology Z-Wave Plus gas sensor is designed to avoid risks of gas leakage. In the case of detection, an acoustic alarm is activated, in addition to a Z-Wave Plus signal sent to the main controller.

It is possible to create different scenarios after "triggering" said alert.

A Z-Wave controller (dongle box automation, ...) is required to integrate the detector into your network if you already have an existing network.

Power by electrical network, this sensor can also be used repeater to expand the coverage of your Z-Wave network.

The sensor will remain in alarm status as long as the density of the natural gas or LPG derivative (LPG) exceeds the maximum preset at the alarm level.

Placement of the Snesro de Gas LPG


Z-Wave Plus Technology (500 Series)
Audible alert and Z-Wave in a detection of a high level of carbon monoxide
Lower energy consumption
It acts as a repeater
Automatic low battery report
Easy installation


Voltage: AC100 ~ 240v

Average consumption: <1.5w

Alarm sound: 75 dB (at 1m distance)

Gas density for alarm: 6% LEL + 3% LEL ( natural GAS )

Network: Z-Wave

Ad-hoc networking Wireless distance: <100m (open area)

Working conditions: -10 ° C ~ + 50 ° C max working humidity: 95% RH

Dimensions: 79 x 68 x 31 (without plug)


  • Directive 2014/53 / EU
  • EC
  • RoHS

Extended Z-Wave info

Name: Smart Combustible Gas Sensor
Z-Wave Certification Number:ZC10-17115882
Hardware Plattform:ZM5202
Role Type:Always On Slave
Short Description:Smart Combustible Gas Sensor in a convenient wall plug form factor.
Description:Smart Combustible Gas Sensor in a convenient wall plug form factor for easy installation. Built-in audio and led notification systems for gas leakage detection events.

Manual download HERE.

Max Nodes
Z-Wave Plus Lifeline
Association group 2: Root Device group(Notification) Maximum supported nodes are 5. 1-Notification reports status of gas detected or no gas detected via Lifeline. 2-When the sensor detects status change of gas detected and no gas detected, the device will be triggered.
Size (Bytes)
Default Value
Association Group Info
Association V2
Device Reset Locally
Manufacturer Specific V2
Notification V7
Version V2
Z-Wave Plus Info V2
- Press the Net_Button 3 times within 1.5s

- If remove Process is successful, Green LED is Blinking 6 times, then turn on
- Press the Net_Button 3 times within 1.5s, Green LED is Blinking 3 times within 1 second.

- If add Process is successful, Green LED will turn on.
Factory Reset
-Long press Net_Button at least 10 seconds in the device.

-Device Reset Locally notification is Transmitted.

Please use this procedure only when the network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.
Supported Notification Types
Select the Notification Types that the product handles (controllers), or sends (slaves).



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ZIPATO Gas Sensor - Z-Wave+

ZIPATO Gas Sensor - Z-Wave+

The Zipato Z-Wave Plus gas sensor is designed to avoid the risk of leakage of combustible gases (LPG) in homes.


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