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GPS locator for elderly Weenect



GPS locator for seniors. Small device to locate elderly people using the GPS position. Gray.

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90% of the elderly prefer to stay in their homes whenever possible. With Weenect Silver, your loved ones can stay in their homes instead of having to go to a specialized care center. In addition, it is the family who provides help instead of an impersonal calling service.

Your loved ones will be safe both outside and inside your home.

With Weenect Silver, monitor your loved ones remotely. They can notify you through the SOS button of the locator; you receive a notification that tells you the location on the GPS and you can call them. There are no distance limits and it is not necessary to install anything.

You will receive an alert in case there is an emergency.

The older person can communicate with their close contacts (family, friends or neighbors) thanks to the GPS locator alarm button; the message indicates the exact position. The locator calls the first person who receives the alert.

You can locate the person quickly if they get lost outside your home.

If they get lost, especially if they have Alzheimer's disease, you will be able to find them quickly and come to their aid easily. The GPS bracelet will guide you to them aided by the Map, the Compass and the Radar.

You can be prepared for emergencies.

All contacts receive an automatic alert if the person leaves the defined area, such as the area where they live (an unlimited number of zones can be defined). If you detect unusual activity, you can intervene quickly.

Small size (6 cm) and light weight (55g) make this "beacon" or GPS locator the ideal companion for the elderly. Resistant to water and small shocks, it is easily held by its strap and bag. Its battery lasts four days in intensive use. An alert is sent when the battery is low.

Bag of protection suitable for the elderly.

You will always be warned in case there are problems

With GPS locator that can warn you if necessary by using the SOS button on the GPS. Then you can check if everything is fine by calling the GPS, since it has a phone function.
You can also send messages through the side buttons of your GPS.

You always know where it is. ..

The GPS locator lets you always know where you are. The GPS beacon of the dependent person sends a position every few minutes during the movement and every 3 minutes if it stops.
It even generates a journey history!

& Y warns if you leave a defined area

Thanks to the entry and exit alerts you know when you leave a defined area, so you can react quickly. Establish any number of areas: home, hospital, shopping area; As soon as you enter or leave, you will be warned!
You will quickly find your family member

If your loved one has lost the Weenect application guide, he will show you the direction to follow and the distance that separates you from him. Three types of possible location: Correspondence, compass and augmented reality (augmented reality allows you to see where your loved one through the camera phone device).
GPS for Alzheimer's

Assistance to people with Alzheimer's disease is never easy and it is often necessary to provide the person with a GPS device. The GPS bracelets for geolocation of people with Alzheimer's are mostly archaic, too visible and similar to the bracelets that place the criminals. With Weenect Silver the appearance of the device is softened (rounded shape, light color, discreet bag) and thus has a better acceptance by the person monitored. On the other hand you are choosing a safe, efficient and accurate technology with which you can count.

A Silver Beacon GPS Weenect
USB charger
A protective bag
A user's guide
A 1 month recharge

The GPS beacon works with subscription of:
Prepaid subscription 6 months: 30 ¬
1 year of prepaid subscription: 50 ¬
The subscription must be made at:

GPS geo tag for seniors
Géocalisez any time a person
Be alerted automatically when the person leaves a defined area
Benefit from multiple file system (pushs through the application, mails and SMS), with no possibility of missing alerts
Low battery warning
There are no distance limits
Unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of positions
It requires a subscription (30 euros for six months or ¬ 50 for 12 months) for the integrated SIM card that allows the transmission of the positions of the label with the server (GMS line open on each label).
Receive SMS alerts (the required charge: 5 euros for a package of 50 SMS)
Free iPhone App
Free Android application
Easy to use

Size: 65x40x18mm
Weight: 55g
GPS accuracy: 3 meters
Audio: Microphone and speaker
SOS button buttons with voice call and 3 programmable buttons on the label side
Battery: 1700 mA / H ~ 4 days.
Warranty: 2 years


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GPS locator for elderly Weenect

GPS locator for elderly Weenect

GPS locator for seniors. Small device to locate elderly people using the GPS position. Gray.


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